February 2012

The Jacob & Co. Grand Collection mingles the exuberant spirit of the iconic Five Timezones watch with the intoxicating atmosphere of freedom in watches that express all the glamour and luxury of the Jet Age in a decidedly contemporary flavour. The Grand Collection is like the original Five Timezones watch in displaying the local time, as […]

The stars come out at night, and nowhere more so than in the world of Jacob & Co., a name synonymous with the nocturnal world of glamour, intrigue, and international excitement. One of the most daring new intro­ductions from Jacob & Co. the Ghost Collection lives up to its name by appearing mysteriously out of […]

The Jacob & Co. Galega collection brings the pentagonal form to the wrist in its most pure form, and as such represents a statement on the wrist of uncompromising style and personal daring. The overall shape is the canvas for a stun­ning array of precious materials and evocative combinations which represent a thoroughly contemporary vision of […]