88 Rue Du Rhone Watches Launch in the UK

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by Chris Derrer on October 9, 2012

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88 Rue Du Rhone Launch in the UK at The Watch Hut


Written by Chris Derrer – Blogger for The Watch Hut

One of Switzerland’s newest watch companies has begun trading here in the UK, having only been founded back in 2011, 88 Rue Du Rhone watches may be the new kids on the block, but they’re showing some of the old boys how to do it.

Pierre and Elie Bernheim are the two men behind 88 Rue Du Rhone (88RDR) watches and they are the grandsons of non other than Swiss watch making legend Raymond Weil. We know from the family history, that these watches are from pedigree, but what’s different about them to Raymond Weil watches?

Well to be brutally honest… most things are different, in a good way. The watches in the range all have a far more contemporary feel to them than their relatives, with the influence being aimed at a more youthful audience. The designers have added the use of a red second hand on every men’s watch, with many pieces featuring simple and sleek designs.

Unlike many other Swiss brands, 88 Rue Du Rhone watches are also set at a far more friendly price point, with prices starting at just £275, opening the luxury and prestige watch market up to a whole new audience of people.

The quirky story behind the watches name and the presence of the number 8 on each individual piece is another unique selling point. They are named after the address where the River Rhone joins Lake Geneva, a gap on the Rue Du Rhone between buildings where a thing of true beauty happens. The number 8 is also a number of good fortune in many cultures, so having the double 8 on the dial and at the 8 o’clock for many, offers a quirky style and the opportunity of good fortune.

The Swiss spirit is still strong within these watches, but what is different is what is best about them, they bring the Swiss watch market up to the modern day, and open it to far more people who ordinarily would have never considered a watch brand such as this.

88 Rue Du Rhone chose The Watch Hut as one of their exclusive launch partners.


Article supplied by Chris Derrer you can follow Chris @WatchHut_Chris and @TheWatchHut

You can also see the entire range of 88 Rue Du Rhone Watches at The Watch Hut


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