Asics launches watches for runners

by Admin on March 15, 2012

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Asics launches watches for runners

1 March 2012 | By

Sports equipment manufacturer Asics has branched out into the watch world, launching watches designed to suit the needs of runners.

The Asics affordable sports watches, which will launch in the UK in the Spring of 2012, have been designed to be easy to wear; easy to view and easy to operate. With a case offset well to the left, the buttons can be easily accessed when the wearer is running, reducing interference with the movement of the wrist. The design also includes the widest possible LCD display, making all the data easy to see at a glance even while in full stride.

The Asics watch range comes in vibrant colours

At the end of the exercise session, users can add extra information so that not only the length of time exercised is recorded, but also the weather conditions, location, or inclines encountered.

The Asics watch range comes in vibrant colours

The Asics watch range is split into two collections, Elite Racer and Challenge Racer. All of the watches are characterised by lightweight and breathable straps, large and clear displays emphasising visibility, and large buttons for ease of operation. These watches are for anyone that wants to time their exercise but for serious runners they have the ability to store up to 500 laps, or training sessions. A flash memory in all the watches retains data even without a power source. The watches are available in an array of eye-catching and vivid colours and they come in three wrist sizes: super, regular and small.

The Asics watch range

The Asics range will soon also feature professional stopwatches for races and training sessions, that feature a 100 lap chronograph and double repeat timer.
The Asics range is being distributed in the UK by Seiko, phone no: 01628 770988.



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