Batman Would Choose the Girard-Perregaux Shadow New York

by Martin Green on March 24, 2012

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Batman Would Choose the Girard-Perregaux Shadow New York

Written by: Meehna Goldsmith 

Following on from Meehna’s report on a villain’s watch she continues the theme here.

Martin thinks it’s fun to wear the watch of a fictional character, and I agree. He chose the Girard-Perregaux 1966 Full Calendar as his favorite of the brand’s models for the villain Red Grant, the red headed assassin from SMERSH in From Russia with Love.

In most cases it’s downright despicably good entertainment to  love the villain, but I counter with a hero who wins the girl, saves the world—and still has a juicy dark side. Who could this hero be but none other than Batman, the Dark Knight of Gotham City. In civilian life, he’s Bruce Wayne, billionaire, philanthropist and playboy.

The perfect Girard-Perregaux watch for Batman is the Shadow New York. A man of mystery and stealth, Batman needs a watch to camouflage him while he’s in pursuit of the bad guys. An inadvertent flash of steel or gold could put Batman in peril, giving away his position. The Shadow New York comes in a 43mm black ceramic case that will blend in seamlessly with the bat suit.

Batman often gets into skirmishes with dastardly villains and the ceramic case, which is not only light but also harder than steel, won’t weigh his arm down. A late Kapow! and that could be the end of Batman. Ceramic is also a highly scratch resistant so even after a scuffle the Shadow New York will come out of it with nary a scratch.

Batman may be a superhero but he doesn’t always get the upper hand because that wouldn’t make for an entertaining story. In the land of Gotham, the villains have special powers and Batman sometimes finds himself in their clutches. Even if injected with truth serum or bound up, Batman doesn’t have to worry about an allergic reaction, at least from his watch, because ceramic happens to be hypoallergenic.

In all black, Batman’s bat suit never goes out of style. It’s made of rubber and fits Batman like a glove. What better wrist wear than a black watch to complete the outfit? A perfect sartorial touch is that the black rubber strap matches the texture of the bat suit. Because Batman is nothing if not a man of style. And, when Bruce Wayne steps out for one of his Black Tie functions, he won’t have to scramble around to find an appropriate watch. While the Shadow isn’t a traditional dress watch, it will do the job in a pinch and won’t cramp his style.

There’s no denying Batman appreciates gadgets. Just look at his tricked out car. The shadow, constructed with an internal titanium container and held together with special screws similar to those used to structurally support racing car engines, will certainly appeal to his sensibilities. It’s good to know your watch has the latest technology available when you’re trying to outsmart a nemesis.

Though Bruce Wayne inherited his fortune, he is also an astute businessman with assets around the globe. It can be a bit tricky to calculate the times of financial markets around the world. With the Shadow, a glance reveals the time in any one of 24 cities as well as the date. As a tribute to the Big Apple, the city New York on the timer ring is highlighted in red.

More than simply a true world time watch, the Shadow, featuring the in-house caliber GP3387 self-winding movement, is also a tool watch with a flyback chronograph built in. Handy for timing those inevitable countdowns to when disaster will strike. A miscalculation could set Batman off by seconds and the world could come to an end. Rubber coated crown and chrono pushers provide a non-slip surface, a protective measure so fingers won’t slip.

Bruce Wayne is a New York man and Batman protects Gotham city so what better Girard-Perregaux watch than the Shadow New York to grace his wrist.


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