Breitling – Price Drop, Time to buy?

by Admin on March 18, 2012

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Time to Buy??? a Breitling


Breitling Chronomatt GMT2

I’m sure this is not news to all those Breitling enthusiast out there, but to the resst of the horological world  it has been bought to our attention that as of 1st March 2012, Breitling has slashed (well reduced is probably a better world) all the prices of their watches by 10%.

This 10% price reduction was applied to all RRP (Recommended Retail Prices) and the Breitling trade price list too, and has been applied to all stock holding, these being new stock purchases and existing stock holding.

Obviously this will result in a reduction in margin on the watches already in held in stock by stores as the price reduction comes in force. But following three recent prices increases in the past 18 months these losses are offset by previous gains.

Now I hear you ask why a reduction in prices after three consequetive increases, well its all down to the strength of the pound against the swiss franc. Well whatever the reason its good news for those breitling enthusiasts who are looking to buy a new timepiece anytime soon.

Oh in answer to the question posed Time to Buy? well really when isn’t it the time to buy any quality timepiece….

Happy Shopping….


Written by: D Constant of & Photo source: Breitling


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