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Arthur Oskar Stampfli
Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie Artisanale
Chemin des Vergers 21A
2088 Cressier Suisse

A unique Guard-time for a unique person
In 2001, ten years after his departure, the idea to make relieve my father’s name, through one of his passions, became evident in my wish of watch-making creation.

My ancestor worked, all his life, in the field of this industry. Values such as precision, love of local products, patience and willpower to always surpass itself, were transmitted to me by this man whom I admired.

His commitment in the high-level sports showed me the way to follow in my developments.
Passionate of fishing and boats, and former Swiss champion of boxing, he lived his challenges with professionalism and stubbornness. A brand not connected to a strong tradition has any freedom of creation and is the accomplishment of years of practice and passion.

In the service of various Swiss watchmakers for a long time, my wish to pay tribute could only be possible by creating an eponymic brand to Arthur Oskar Stampfli.

On 1st October 2009, the adventure became a reality by the official launch and the inauguration of this new brand. During this evening and during the months which followed, we found some friends who invested so as to start this madness of creation. Yes, madness is needed to create a brand. Banks doors are not wide open and without the support of my family and friends, it would have not been possible.

The Adventure with a big “A” is on the march, which passion, what a magnificent challenge…

R. Stampfli

The Current Arthur Oskar Stampfli Watch Range

Ocean Classique Pearl 1916 – Ref : AOS-1000.001/ Ocean Classique Pearl
Ocean Black Pearl 1916 – Ref : AOS-1000.002/ Ocean Black Pearl
Ocean Gold Pearl 1916 – Ref : AOS-1000.003/ Ocean Gold Pearl
Octopussy 1916 – Ref : AOS-100B.001/ Octopussy Pearl
Tourbillon Ingénieur S3 1916
Collection Tourbillon Souscription 2012 – Bracelet Ingénieur en collaboration avec Alex Trelis
Ocean China Dragon Year 2012 – Ref : AOS-10CDY.001/ Octopussy DY 2012

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