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Company Name: Christopher Ward (London) Limited
Registered in England and Wales with the company number of 5167936.
Registered Office: 1 Park Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 1SL, United Kingdom.
VAT number in the United Kingdom is 849 7887 40.
Telephone No. 0844 875 1515 (option 2)


The Christopher Ward watch company was founded on a boat on the River Thames in 2004 by Mike France, Chris Ward and Peter Ellis. From the start this has always been about finding a way for everyone to enjoy the truly visceral pleasure derived from owning and wearing a premium quality Swiss made watch.

Vive La Revolution!
Having learned from insiders in the Swiss watch industry just how much of the cost of a typical luxury Swiss watch is marketing hype, the three friends set out on a mission to turn the traditional model on its head and create a revolution in watch making.

The phrase they instantly came up with that encapsulated the mission they were about to embark on was that they wanted to create…”the cheapest most expensive watches in the world.”

Chris was the man with the watch making expertise, Mike and Peter, who previously owned the renowned Early Learning Centre chain of educational toy stores, brought the retail know-how.

D-Day, June 4th, 2005
Having spent the best part of a year designing our first two watches, the C5 Malvern Automatic and C3 Malvern Chronograph, they were launched, via our website, onto an unsuspecting world in June 2005. The reaction was astonishing……

The Power of The Internet
Watch forums across the world were inundated with disbelieving watch aficionados’ claiming watches at this price couldn’t possibly be of the quality claimed. At one point in December 2005 our fledgling brand was being discussed more frequently on the world’s largest watch forum, Timezone, than Rolex!

And then, unbeknown to us, one of the world’s most influential watch bloggers, Dave Malone from Australia, purchased a Malvern Automatic with the intention of exposing the myth. To his eternal credit, having received his watch and being blown away by every aspect of it, he wrote a stunningly complimentary post which whizzed around the watch world like wild fire. Christopher Ward had arrived!

Models Time-Line
Here are the release dates of our models to date:

2005 June C5 Malvern Automatic and C3 Malvern Chronograph
October W1 (now de-listed)
2006 June C5 Malvern Aviator
August C4 Peregrine Chronograph
2007 June C1 Russell
August C6 Kingfisher Diver-Pro, D8 Encore Diamond and D9 Encore Diamond
October S3 & S7 Divine Carre, R3 &S3 Divine Ronde
2008 June C2 Lido
July C8 Pilot
August C7 Rapide, W2 Lido and W7 Rapide
Sept C13 Chronograph, C15 Automatic, R9 Miro and T9 L’Ovale
2009 July C60LE Kingfisher Diver-Pro
August C70 Grand Prix, C40 SpeedHawk, C600 Tri-Tech, C80 Sector, W6 Kingfisher Splash, W7 Rapide MK II, W8 Matisse, W80 Matisse Diamond.
2010 February Christopher Ward becomes the official watchmaker to the RAF
March C5BB70 Battle of Britain Limited Edition, C70 Ad Astra
April Christopher Ward re-locates to 1 Park Street, Maidenhead
June C40IPK
July C8 Pilot Mk II, C5 Aviator Mk II, C70 RAF Ad Astra, C60 Kingfisher Auto (yellow), C5 Malvern Quartz , C20 Lido
Sept C60 Trident Auto, C60 Trident GMT, C70DBR1, C70 Brooklands COSC, C9 Harrison Chronograph, C9 Harrison Auto, C90 Beckett’s

Like-Minded Partners
We have been fortunate to create close ties with partners in a host of disciplines who share our vision and values.
Our dedicated ateliers in the Jura, Switzerland, who assemble our watches by hand, are small enough to be devoted to the Christopher Ward brand but large enough to have attracted some brilliant watch makers and technicians.

A Swiss-made movement is a pre-requisite for a fine watch. We use some of the best and most famous manufacturers such as ETA, Sellita and Ronda.
Remember, if it doesn’t say Swiss Made on the face of a watch, it isn’t!

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