Dieter Schanzer – Horoloholic Bio

The Watch Review Site has great pleasure in introducing Dieter Schanzer to the team of contributors.

Dieter is a Chartered Surveyor during the day (don’t yawn) and a High end watch broker by night and any time he really can to be honest. Dieter has extensive experience of high end haute timepieces and lots of adventures to share with us hear at The Watch Review Site.

Dieters’ fascination with timepieces started back in 1973 when he and his brother were given a watch each as a gift by his aunty, a luminating orange faced watch which enthralled Dieter and set off a chain reaction. From Tele Savalas’s Hamilton QED (That’s Kojak by the way) to Dieters fathers’ Beuche Girod and so on….. The Horolo-holic was born.

With Dieters’ knowledge and stories we are sure that we can keep you amused for many an hour, please keep visiting this page to see more of Dieter’s escapades.

Life and Times of a Horolo-holic   Here at The Watch Review Site we would like to welcome our latest contributor to the team, Dieter Schanzer whose everyday life as a Chartered Surveyor led to an alter ego as a Timepiece Consultant. His enthusiasm and drive is surpassed only by his knowledge and love for […]