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Graham is an unrepentantly English name for an exquisitely English watch. If you’re interested in the minutiae of watch making, Graham was the surname of George Graham, born in 1673, master watchmaker who lived in Fleet Street in London.

Current Methods
Graham London engineers, designers and watchmakers create a form of mechanical perfection that doesn’t look or feel like just another Swiss watch. One that has its own quirky way of doing things.

And indeed, Graham watches have a certain confidence about them. They’re not shy and retiring. They’ve got big movements, big pushers and slightly bigger hands than most.

Graham London use mechanisms and materials in a slightly different way. For example, the trigger mechanism that starts the stopwatch, the use of ceramic and carbon fibre and only use chronometer quality movements.

Graham go to slightly potty lengths to create a shock resistant Tourbillon. The watch wearers don’t spend their lives gardening. They do stuff and that means grief for a watch mechanism and its the years of devotion to cracking problems like that. George Graham would have been proud of.

Graham London Watch Collection – Range

Chronofighter 1695
Tourist Trophy
RBS 6 Nations

Each of these ranges have anumber of models and variations of Graham Watches.

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