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SalonQP Photo Diary – Part 5   I know we said we said this will be the last one but looking at the memory card it may drag over into two more articles, I’m sure you don’t mind being exposed to more photo’s of some lovely watches a little more. So what have we install […]

SalonQP – the UK’s Only Fine Watch Exhibition   Following on from our initial SalonQP related article in respect of the Bremont Victory and Admiral Lord Nelson’s Pocket Watch we follow on with a look at what we can expect from this years extravaganza, along with a little background on the event too.  Britain’s leading watch […]

Cars and Horology : The beautiful meeting Written by Jonathan Kopp for The Watch Review Site We thought we would bring you another take on Watches by an Author who has spent his time researching and documenting the relationship between Cars and Luxury Watches. We all know and have seen Breitling for Bentley and Aston […]

The Sound of Time By JESSICA MICHAULT Published: March 8, 2012    PARIS — For most of the past decade the watch industry has been entranced by the tourbillon’s hypnotic revolutions, with brands spinning out the cagey little complication in ever greater numbers and more ingenious ways.        But recently watchmakers have broken free of the spell, […]

In Conversation with Jerome Lambert, CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre 16th March 2012 Written by Meehna Goldsmith In New York last week, Meehna had the pleasure of sitting down with Jerome Lambert, CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre. The brand continues to celebrate the iconic Reverso, which had a big birthday last year. You also know about the  Tribute to […]

Digital Luxury Group unveils haute horlogerie World Watch Report results 23 January 2012 | By Laura McCreddie The leading market research for the luxury watch industry released its findings, based on analysis of consumer searches through engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu, for the 15 high-end watch brands that participated in this year’s […]

A crown for the wrist By Michael Karam on March 05, 2012 The perception and prestige of Explorers, Submariners and Air Kings Ask anyone on the street what he or she thinks the world’s most luxurious watch brand is, and they will probably say Rolex. They’d be wrong. But perception is everything, and the timepiece […]