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Meehna’s fascination with timepieces began with her parents’ antique grandfather clock, whose harmonious ticks and chimes echoed throughout the house during her childhood. She still enjoys winding the stately piece during her visits home.

At age 10, Meehna enthusiastically deconstructed her first Timex – and got in trouble for not
being able to put it back together. In her early 20’s, after inheriting her great-grandfather’s
beloved Bulova, Meehna became a timepiece enthusiast.

Over the years, Meehna has immersed herself in timepiece culture and craft, networked with
other watch fans, participated in online timepiece social networks and regularly attended watch dinners with established and independent watch brands.

After posting a comment in an online horology forum, she received a private email from a well known and highly respected watchmaker. Impressed with her articulate and entertaining
posting, he encouraged her to start writing professionally about timepieces.

Meehna’s first article, “Tweaked by the Freak: Ulysee Nardin Redefines Value in Mechanical
Watches“ appeared in International Watch in 2008. Since then, Meehna has authored dozens of timepiece stories for leading trade publications such as Robb Report, Watch Journal, Cronos and HH Magazine.

She has also conducted in-depth interviews and developed personal relationships with the CEO’s of major brands such as Audemars Piguet, Parmigiani, Lange & Söhne, Roger Dubuis, Vacheron Constantin, Richard Mille, Girard-Perregaux and Nubeo, as well as up and coming independents.

Meehna has become internationally known and respected as a leading expert in luxury
timepieces with a keen understanding of the market and emerging trends. Both luxury timepiece buyers and sellers regularly seek her advice and opinions.

We are very proud to have a contributor with the quality and expertise in the luxury timepiece market that Meehna has.

Meehna is the woman behind and is now the Editor in Chief at Christies Watch Blog at

If you want to see more about Meehna and what she does, be it Watch Match Making, Articles Published or Public Speaking feel free to go to
or why not follow Meehna on Twitter @TheWatchLady

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