Michelsen Watchmaker

The story of Michelsen Watchmakers dates back to 1909 when the first Michelsen watchmaker established his propriety business in a small town in Northern Iceland. Ever since, the Michelsen watchmakers’ family history has been closely interwoven with the story of Icelandic trade and as one of the leading watch companies in Iceland. Michelsen Watchmakers are reputed for their professionalism and excellent craftsmanship. It is this professionalism and standard of craftsmanship which has kept their business running for more than 100 years where the knowledge and the know-how has been passed on from one generation to another.

On December 1st 2009, to mark the centenary of Michelsen Watchmakers in Iceland, the shop launched their first anniversary watch under the name MICHELSEN WATCHMAKERS. This series was featured in a numbered and limited edition of 100 pieces. The Anniversary watch series was outstandingly successful so the project was kept alive. For the initial three models, the Michelsens worked with an established Swiss brand but the Arctic Explorer is the first watch designed by their own watchmakers. All Michelsen watches contain high quality Swiss mechanical movements and all components are manufactured from high quality materials widely used in the watchmaking industry. As a further testament to their standards of craftsmanship, exotic materials are occasionally offered, for instance the handmade Icelandic spotted wolffish straps.

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