Saskia maaike Bouvier

Saskia maaike Bouvier (SmB) went beyond the mere practice of this art and was able to bring her own creativity and talent to make her customers’ dreams come true.

Today, she uses her sensitivity,her professionalism and her inventiveness to make her own dream come true.

Her expertise in watch making and her knowledge of high technologies have led her to create ultraartistic and feminine watches with advanced technology, which are the fruit of her imagination.

Sharing her ideas is an essential part of the evolution of her projects. The proximity of her exclusively Swiss suppliers and their intimate cooperation make her work unique and her projects successful. She values their expertise. It enables the application of the best methods and techniques to her original
ideas so that her works are completed to the utmost precision.
Her relationship with other devoted artists has allowed her the versatility to create several variations on the same theme.

This is how her magnificent, inlay-crafted piece, “summertime and wintertime”, came into being.