The Watch Review Site Contributors

Here at the watch review site we have a policy that allows like minded watch enthusiasts, writters, journalists and bloggers to name a few to contribute to the content of the website.  This will hopefully allow us to expand the knowledge base and information available to all our visitors and the UK Watch market in general.

Along with the team at The Watch Review Site who toil away at producing the content you want for the site, Oh buy the way the team consists of a mixture of watch enthusiasts, bloggers, writers and tea boys/girls here is a list of our External Contributors.

Our Contributors – The Short Story

Meehna Goldsmith – Watch Match Maker

Meehna Goldsmith - Watch Match MakerMeehna has immersed herself in timepiece culture and craft, Meehna is one of the foremost proffesional timepiece writers and is internationally known and respected as a leading expert in luxury timepieces.

Meehna is also the woman behind or why not follow Meehna on Twitter @TheWatchLady

“Timekeeping is an art form – kinetic sculpture that combines advanced engineering with exquisite rendering.”Meehna Goldsmith


Martin Green 

Martin Green immersed himself in the amazing world of watch making at a very young age, even postponing the purchase of his first car in favor of a Swiss watch. Now that is what you call passion.

Martin is in the midst of designing and creating timepieces of his own, and also contributes to many watch blogs and review sites including our own The Watch Review Site – and Meehna’s

His view’s are strong and opinionated….. We like it….


Scott Greenman

Scott is our latest addition to our team of contributors and we look forward to more great luxury timepiece articles from him.

We will provide a proper bio soon please beare with us.


Guys and Girls, Your help in getting The Watch Review Site to the heights we want to get to is much appreciated…. 


If you want to be part of our project here at The Watch Review Site as a contributor and have an article, review or news you feel would benefit our visitors and would like to get it posted on please send us a copy of the document and any photos by email to , we will of course credit you with writing the piece in question and also provide a link to your website or the original article.  

If you can contribute on a regular basis we would like to create a Biography of you and tell your story as well. All our regular contributors get their own Bio Page and Photograph (if they are willing to provide one) on our site with a reciprocal link to their respective websites.