Girard-Perregaux 1966 Full Calendar: Perfect for a Villain

22nd March 2012

What is more fun than wearing the watch of a fictional character? Wear the one from the villain! Red Grant is a name that in this matter probably doesn’t mean much to most people, yet in some way it is connected to this stunning full calendar by Girard-Perregaux. Readers of James Bond novels will know Red Grant as the red headed assassin from SMERSH in From Russia with Love. Ian Fleming always had quite a way with words and in this novel he describes the villain’s timepiece in this way: “There was also a bulky gold wristwatch on a well-used brown crocodile strap. It was a Girard-Perregaux model designed for people who like gadgets, and it had a sweep second-hand and two little windows in the face to tell the day of the month, and the month, and the phase of the moon.”

At that time this watch did not exist in the collection of Girard-Perregaux, so you can also look in vain for it in the movie-version of “From Russia with Love”. Red Grant is in the movie, but his watch is from an unknown manufacture. Although it does come with a built in gadget in the shape of a garrote, it doesn’t help him to defeat Mr. Bond.

Why do I surpass far more complicated pieces like the Opera 1 or the Tourbillon’s with 3 golden bridges, (which Boucheron did an amazing rendition in conjunction with Girard-Perregaux) for a relatively simple full calendar as personal favorite? Because it is perfect! Girard-Perregaux opted for a very classical setup of the dial. Moon phase and small pointer date are positioned just about six o’clock, while day and month snuggle closely together just below the twelve.

A brilliant move is that Girard-Perregaux opted for a red font for the days and the months, giving the watch a delightful classic look! In this matter they also did not forget to give the date 31 a dash of red. The size of all the windows and hand that support these complications is wonderfully proportioned. They are very legible, yet leave enough space on the dial empty to get a very clean look. This is by the way not because they put a small caliber in an oversized case, because with a diameter of 40mm we can almost call it modest in today’s fashion. Great thing about this size is that it offers the presence of a large watch, with the wearing comfort of a smaller one. The best of both worlds!

Movement-wise there is never a disappointment with Girard-Perregaux, and personally I’ve always loved the way they decorate their movements, although the greatest thing about it is of course the large rotor with Geneva stripping! No segments or inserts that are only made from gold; no, Girard-Perregaux goes all the way and makes the complete rotor of 18K gold to match the case. In that matter there is a connection to another Bond-novel: Goldfinger!

Stay tuned  for what Girard-Perreguax has to offer once Dominque Loiseau, the star watchmaker, starts bringing his wizardry to the brand.

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