Girard-Perregaux New Face of Tradition – No.5 & No.6

by D Constant on April 30, 2012

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Girard-Perregaux – Young watchmaker No.5 – Laetitia Pino & No.6 – Fabienne Conti

Day 3 or is it day 4 of our series of Young Watchmakers from Girard-Perregaux’s The New Face of Tradition on The Watch Review Site and after seeing the differing tastes and backgrounds of the last Four, we come back today with two more of these Young Watchmakers from Girard-Perregaux.

So, No. 5 is Laetitia Pino, we now have a puzzle to unravel, probably a more apt past time for a watchmaker than the previous four we have seen in this series.

as for Laetitia’s other interests and favourites

Girard Perregaux watchmaker - Pito


Moving swiftly on to No.6 in the series of these young watchmakers, and we are begining to think are they there because of the quality of their work or because of what they enjoy in life, so diverse is the selection here…. just kidding the quality we see from girard-Perregaux is exceptional and we expect nothing less from these up and coming watchmakers.


So No.6 is Fabienne Conti another speed freak within the ranks of young watchmakers at Girard-Perregaux with a taste for music too.

Girard-Perregaux Fabienne Conti

Fabienne states “I started skiing with my brother. It was our vacation activity and I loved it from the beginning. I still remember the first real ride, on my own without instructor or guide. The sense of total isolation, the sound of the skis on the snow and the cold air became immediately addictive.”

I soon started compiling soundtracks for my skiing adventures and found the perfect match when I came across the music of the Chemical Brothers. Together with other bands like The Beastie Boys and Massive Attack, it became not only the soundtrack to my skiing trips but also for life. I listen to it constantly, while working on a watch or at home (quite loud) after a long day of work. When I became a mother a whole new world opened to me. A few things had to change but the passion for skiing and music stayed. I love to take trips with my daughter and my husband to snowy landscapes, enjoy the white mountains around us and, of course, play The Chemical Brothers in our car. Though she’s only 3, she loves it!

Amongst Fabienne’s favourites, she lists

Movie: The Lord of the Rings

Quote: “Let your dreams devour your life, so that your life won’t devour your dreams.”

Band: if we couldn’t guess – The Chemical Brothers

On My To-Do List: Take care of my daughter and plan activities with her.

I Am: organized, conscientious, smart, greedy and kind.

If I Weren’t a Watchmaker I Would Be… an accountant.

In 30 Years I’ll Be… retired and travelling.

Favorite GP Watch: Tourbillon with Three Gold Bridges






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