Girard Perregaux New Face of Tradition – Overview

by Meehna Goldsmith on April 28, 2012

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Girard Perregaux Rock ‘N Rolls with “The New Face of Tradition” – An Overview


Written by Meehna Goldsmith


Girard-Perregaux has been a bit of a sleepy little company for too long now. They sit among the haute horlogerie brands but often get lost in the banner waving and hoopla of stronger and larger competitors in the space. Sure, Girard-Perregaux has its rabid fans but it’s not the brand that first comes to most people’s lips despite a great pedigree.

Did you know they make their own movements, cases and dials? I saw your eyebrows rise, but yeah, it’s true. These guys do it all under one roof. How many manufacturers can honestly say that without crossing their fingers behind their backs? Plus. They just scored star watchmaker Dominique Loiseau to head up development and we tell you why it’s so important. We can’t wait to see what will come out of GP’s workshops in 2013.

Fed up with taking a back seat, GP decided it was time to make a little noise and let the horology world know they’ve got some major game. They’re hip, they’re now, and they’ve got major heritage behind them. Sitting in their workshops aren’t decrepit little old men and women huddled over a bench but some ultra-cool watchmakers with some pretty interesting lives.

Sure, these folks can find their way around a watch movement with their eyes closed, some even on very intimate terms with tourbillons and perpetual calendars. But did you know that they are also alpine horn champions (say what?), crazy rock and roll stars and mean puzzle masters? To say they’ve got some extra-curricular activities would be an understatement.

To highlight all their strengths, GP revamped their image from top to bottom, as exhibited on their new and happening website. They wanted to reach out to the GP community and watch lovers to make the relationship more personal. “We want to create an emotional connection, a way to feel like a member of the family with inside access behind the scenes,” says Michele Sofisti, the new CEO of Girard-Perregaux. “These are also reasons of why we are launching Your GP World, the online collectors community that will give GP owners the ability to preview new timepieces before anyone else, get invited to special events, and even “Meet Your Maker”, which is a program for Tourbillon owners to meet the watchmakers that actually built their watch.”

So you can get to know these young folks better, GP has put together a journal called “The New Face of Tradition”, featuring eight young watchmakers and the art of making time, which will be in hard copy and also hosted online at

GP plans to launch the journal at a special event at Cipriani Dolci in New York City. Guests will have the opportunity to interact with the watchmakers, getting to know them in one-to-one workshops where they get to build a watch. As a special treat, the 2012 GP novelties and Museum pieces will be on view.

New York City is just the first stop on the worldwide Girard-Perregaux Young Watchmakers Tour that includes Beijing, Paris and other international cities.

Why did Sofisti decide to pull back the curtain when the Swiss traditionally have been so tight-lipped? “I think it is great to lift the veil of secrecy behind the wall of manufacturing. We think it actually adds to its fascination and its appreciation”, he says. “What you see in The New Face of Tradition is authentic. It is the reality of every day at Girard-Perregaux and we are proud of it.”


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