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Horology & Motors – A Beautiful Collision.

by Jonathan Kopp on September 13, 2012

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Cars and Horology : The beautiful meeting

Written by Jonathan Kopp for The Watch Review Site

We thought we would bring you another take on Watches by an Author who has spent his time researching and documenting the relationship between Cars and Luxury Watches. We all know and have seen Breitling for Bentley and Aston Martin & Jaeger-LeCoultre to name a couple of the more famous ones. Prestigious Watches & Cars – the exceptional partnerships bring the two worlds closer together and highlights some of the more unknown or lesser remembered partnerships.

An Overview of  Prestigious Watches & Cars – the exceptional partnerships

The art of mechanics is a mutual meeting point for vehicle manufacturers and watchmakers alike, often associated in a commercial approach, resulting in collections of timepieces, generally designed in limited edition series, and forms inspired by the finest motor cars on the planet.

The mixture of fine watch making with automobiles is not a new concept. We have long seen watchmakers and timepieces making reference to the finest automobiles. Today, we see that with this co-branding, car manufacturers are looking more and more for quality … finished quartz commercials watches for them.  The search for excellence is spreading, and to do so, the great watchmakers built exceptional mechanics.

The meeting between fine watchmaking and automotive … Two fascinating universes, both addressing an audience of connoisseurs and enthusiasts have many common values. These values include blending luxurious finishes, the constant search for performance, while respecting the values and skills of the past and all that in a nice overall package with sleek lines, and not to mention striving to incorporate the up most mechanical state of the art technology .

Focusing on partnerships celebrating exceptional cars, or associations with famous motor racing teams or drivers, sponsoring of teams and drivers in the most prestigious championships… Is what the watch industry have been doing for years. When the watch making world mixes with the car industry in a meticulous and precise way, we get a great product that benefits all.

These points and others have been explored by Remy Solnon, and the relationship between the two and the various sponsorships are examined and explained in this book.

The link between these two worlds that share the same values!

A journey into the heart of both worlds, with vast information, explanations and photos. Prestigious Watches and Cars is a book that will be appreciated by all collectors of both beautiful machines!

Prestigious Watches and Cars is a 224 page full colour publication featuring over 430 photographs and drawings.

Prestigious Watches and Cars – PRODUCT DETAILS

Title : Prestigious Watches & Cars – the exceptional partnerships
Dimensions : 21 x 29.7 cm (8.3×11.7 in)
ISBN 978-2-35073- 381- 4
Author : Rémy Solnon
Hardcover : 224 pages
Illustration : colour (435 pictures)
Publisher : Les Presses Littéraires

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