Hublot Magic Gold Formula disclosed….

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by Watch it Admin on November 13, 2012

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Hublot Magic Gold Formula disclosed….

Written by D Constant

Here at The Watch Review Site have been meaning to bring you this Hublot Magic Gold article by Meehna Goldsmith for a while now but our adventures at SalonQP- UK’s Fine Watch Event took over as you can see from our Photo Diary. Now we have found to time here goes.

We have always been fans of new innovative materials and solution used in timepieces of all grades, and as we all know Hublot are one of the leaders in Fusion and using, creating and inventing new and unusual material concepts for use in their Big Bang and King Power ranges, one of these is the formulation of Hublot’s own Gold… Yes their own Gold know by all as Magic Gold and at last our good friends at Longitude – Christies watch Blog have uncovered the formula and let us all know..

Well Meehna Goldsmith broke the story on Christies Watch Blog, but in reality it is now general knowledge and the process is no longer a deep dark secret as Hublot have managed to obtain the patent for Magic Gold, this 18k Gold does not have the yellow colour of normal 18k Gold but more of a Blacky Yellow, but it is superior in scratch resistance to the original material. You can and it is porved that Magic Gold is 18k Gold as it contains the appropriate proportions of gold as required to achieve this the based material is 24k Gold, which then goes through an extensive process with added materials to increase resistance and durabilty to Voila you get Magic Gold.

The full stoty of this along with the formula can be seen at Longitude – To find out all about Magic Gold, How it got it’s name?, The Student who created it and why? the story behind Magic Gold and the FORMULA in detail please read Meehna’s article here.


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