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by Jonathan Kopp on September 28, 2012

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Interview with Roland Stampfli of Arthur Oskar Stampfli Watches.


By Jonathan Kopp for The Watch Review Site


Jonathan Kopp has the privilege of not only working with Roland Stampfi of AOS Watches but he also has access all areas and has been able to undertake this interview with the man behind Arthur Oskar Stampfli. A new watch manufacturer or brand created in memory of Roland Stampfli’s father. We get an insight into the man behind the brand and his reasons for beginning such an adventure…

JK – So, Roland were did the idea of creating a watch brand stem from?

RS – In 2001, ten years after he left, the idea of reviving the name of my father, through one of his passions, has become an evidence in my desire to watch creation. My ancestor was, all his life, working in the industry, Values such as precision, patience and the will to always exceed have all been passed to me by this man that I admire.

Its commitment to high performance sport has shown me the path to follow in my developments along with being passionate about fishing, boats and former Swiss champion of boxing, he has lived his challenges with professionalism and persistence.

What great principles to base the creation of a product on! And reviving a story, a story of history to boot.

JK – The launch of a watch brand is not obvious especially in the current context. So How did to take that step?

RS – I know it’s slightly outside the box,as I have a non-binding heavy tradition in watchmaking, This allowed me all the freedoms in creativity that are possible. Indeed taking this step was difficult, but I could count on the support of a circle of friends to honor this brand generation, fulfillment of years of practice and passion.

The first step was the name for this creation, to be entirely honest that was set in stone from the start and a little obvious: Arthur Oskar Stampfli

Welcome to the world of Haute Horlogerie Roland…

JK – With this brand you stand on the field of Haute Horlogerie. Right in the middle of other established independents and other brands, what is the peculiarity of your brand?

RS – We have I feel a product that arouses passion and the satisfaction of owning a timepiece created in a limited edition, To be part of an exclusive club reserved to less than one hundred passionate enthusiasts in the world, from 1 to 99 copies according to the specific model reference.

The proportions of our timepieces are calculated on the basis of the number of Gold. On the dial we discover the following applies Fibonacci mathematical excellence, the number of the latter, date of birth in 1916 of an exceptional man in my father (Arthur Oskar Stampfli) and “S” symbol for the brand name Stampfli.

The great peculiarity is of course in design. The horns that “attach” the bracelet, or leather hand sewn crocodile, has the middle representing the anchors that you inspirational.

JK – So what is at the heart of your timepieces?

RS – The heart of this machine is a Swiss Made automatic movement SW300 possessing a cylinder capacity of a 42 hours of power reserve, 28,800 vibrations per sec and 25 jewels. You also have two crystal sapphire windows, with double anti-reflective coatings, offering crystal clear vision of the dial and engine of any AOS Timepiece.

We pride ourselves on using only the best materials in the manufacturing process with the application of the latest technologies in the production of a timepiece we use a mix of classic and unique techniques to achieve these masterpieces.

JK – So what sets AOS aside from all the main brands?

RS – It is all this originality in my mind that can replace the power of the established brands, we are peculiar, we are different, we are AOS.

Yes it is a sign of heart, for a lasting tribute to one who was a great role model for me.

JK – I’m feeling that it is much more, you keep on reiterating your brand is positioned in the market as being “Limited Edition”…

RS – We aim to go beyond the traditional watch collections at AOS. This is what we call home “Arthur Oskar Stampfli, we focus on customization and limited edition”. We found out fairly quickly whilst establishing Arthur Oskar Stampfli as a brand in the worldwide market. We did a great job of communication, (even if Roland says so himself) particularly on the social networks.

Our observation has been very simple ?

There is still much work to do to make known the extraordinary history of this brand. (Laughs). Of course, today we know the flagship models of  the AOS brand such as : Black Pearl, Classic Black, Gold Pearl, etc.. But we had fun making timepieces in ultra limited edition (7 or 20 maximum). At first it was to generate interest, but the impact was heavy so we decided to focus part of our work on this kind of timepiece. Its here that we decided that customization and extreme limited editions has to our ethos, our style our home…

As an artist you realize the true masterpieces, that only a lucky few can acquire and admire from close quarters and that’s the impression I get from Roland of what he wants from Arthur Oskar Stampfli Watches.

JK – How do you imagine these pieces? Do you have any other projects on the go we don’t know about yet?

RS – We have a few projects on the go and some of the current range and some of these pieces are still in the study or the state of design stage.

Most recently and notable addition to AOS is the work of a partnership with Alex Trelis. Engineering Designer who is designing a watch that will probably one of the great successes of the brand. The “Tourbillon Expo 1900 engineers of the time” We have a bracelet built according to drawings of Alex, highlighting the application of mechanical structures of rivets and crossbars realizations of Eiffel Tower in our watches. A sweet blend of modern and past especially when combining this with a TT791 movement with 120 hour power reserve.

Of course, on the early designs we use white dial giving the watch a freshness and allowing the eye to ventilate. But we can work at the request of other colors or with other materials, dependant on the customers own choices.

JK – When will it be available?

RS – These timepieces are currently under subscription and will be completed in a limited edition of only 10 copies. Not to mention that the character “Limited Edition” is respected. Prospective purchasers are already know, so you have to hurry for your chance to wear this timepiece.

Jimi Hendricks Watch from AOS

JK – You mentioned Character Timepieces?

RS – Yes, With our character timepieces we find that your imagination does not stop with the creation of “Jimi Hendrix Tribute” which will probably appeal to fans of Rock and the man himself.

I am a passionate music fan, of real music, and I had the chance to see Hendrix in concert. The idea of developing a collection “Tribute to music” was obvious to me. Only 7 pieces available and a collection of three different parts “Marc Bolan (T-Rex)”, “Hendrix” and “Jim Morrison”.

This collection is available today, and will hopefully attract watch enthusiasts passionate about music like me, I’m sure they will appreciate a timepiece like this… I think.

JK – Well as we are talking about your collections what else have Arthur Oskar Stampfli got to offer the world?

RS – Well, Yet completely different again. The 1916 Ocean Pearl Swirl Boon. A Tourbillon of death and heads ? A mix that is working.

Again, this watch is a Limited edition numbered copies, to 01/05 from 05/05, on the bottom of Build. At the technical level we find a bracelet sewn alligator hands, mechanical movement with a tourbillon, TT790 movement, 120 hours of power reserve. Engraving on the dial in limited edition. It measures 48mm and Black. We used aluminum and anodized with a GL. The fasteners are bronze black PVD. Double Deployment clasp for better stability to the wrist and of course the sapphire crystal with double treatment anti reflection.

It actually had its effect as completely special. She goes codes watchmakers usual.

JK – I see you have an Asian influence on some of your pieces?

RS – We invite you to travel in Asia with AOS, and we have produced a special collection of watches for this.

The main pieces we created are the Tourbillon Asia these are to be supplied as a limited edition of only five copies, this is 48mm of pure bliss with Tourbillon, bracelet hand-stitched and 120 hours of walking, and decorated with a dial, all for 132,800 CHF!

But we also have the complete collection Asia 2012 timepieces, about 88 pieces in 4 different models. It is assumed on the basis of our Octopussy for this watch with a dial decorated with a dragon, a reference to the year of the dragon in China.

At the technical level, this is an automatic movement with 42 hours of power reserve, the diameter is 49mm and the dial is Dianoir treats.

We also have a unique piece that will be sold by auction at Antiquorum. It is the peculiarity of the case and the bi-color mother of pearl dial. We use this kind of material for another series also limited.

As we have said Jonathan anything is possible with Oskar Arthur Stampfli, We area a brand that wants to stand by limited edition pieces by collections, one after another just as much or even more incredible than the other.

What struck me first about Arthur Oskar Stampfli watches is the design of the watches, so special and not common at all, it is not a design we see elsewhere. Then the overflowing imagination of Roland Stampfli, who surprised us by his creations. One we didn’t mention and one I really like is the “Comics” Limited Editions, Then we have influences through Asia and even music, all mixes with a heritage of history and passion.

This devil designer will continue to captivate us with his creations. The tribute to his father Arthur Oskar Stampfli in my opinion is already a success and his image has been succeeded by a brand built from the heart.

We have been told that AOS Watches as a brand obviously in the early stages of it’s life cycle is currently undergoing extensive development as we have seen by the offerings and will soon have global representation, thanks to partnerships with distributors in the USA, China and Australia.

The story of Arthur Oskar Stampfli Watches has just begun. Where will it end? Will it ever end?

The simplicity of an exceptional timepiece on the wrist allowing you to share in a part of a trip into the imagination and passion of Roland Stampfli with the heart ond drive of Arthur Stampfli.

AOS has a slogan – “When Time Becomes an event ? Your life is like a legend” Make of it what you will but keep an eye out for AOS Watches near you in the press, media and retail outlets.

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