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Introducing Arthur Oskar Stampfli Watches

by D Constant on September 22, 2012

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Arthur Oskar Stampfli Watches – An Introduction

Written By: D Constant

We have the pleasure in introducing Arthur Oskar Stampfli Watches or AOS Watches to all our readers at The Watch Review Site.

AOS Watches is the brain child of Roland Stampfli and portrays his love and respect for his father Arthur Oskar Stampfli who passed some 11 years ago, Rolands father was involved in the watch industry and had a enthusiasm for watches throughout his adult life and in homage to the late Swiss champion boxer the watch brand Arthur oskar Stampfli (AOS Watches) was formed.

Just how did this occur, when did the first shoots of this limited edition timepiece specialist begin, here is the story so far

From it’s humble (well not really so humble to be honest)beginnings in a Castle Cellar when Roland Stampfli introduced the concept to a few selected friends, family and possible investors on 1st October 2009, It was apparent that Arthur Oskar Stampfli Watches could be a very real possibility, The interest was there, the initial concept was accepted and well received so moving on…

Roland Stampfli formed the company Arthur Oskar Stampfli in 2010, The so called year of launch for AOS, this was a testing and developement year for the new watch brand, and when the first watches did actually become reality these were sold to the investors and family and friends that initially showed an interest, with all the funds being reinvested and further funds being achieved from newly found supporters of the brand.

2011 saw the brand consolidate its position and begin to venture out into the big bad world of Horology, This was Arthur Oskar Stampfli’s time to gain contacts in the world of haute horology and further a field, this was done via the web, social media sites and AOS’s first adventure  into the Worldwide scene at Cannes International Film Festival and also The American International Film Festival to show off its skills in the manufacture of Haute Horlogerie, along with a few magazine insertions and write ups.

The present year 2012 has seen AOS begin to build its sales network with distributors in Australasia, USA, China, France (serving Europe), Germany amongst others lined up for the later part of the year. We have also seen the appointment of someone to specifically develop the sales network. Once again the appearance of AOS at both the Cannes and American International Film Festivals, and the introduction of the first Arthur Oskar Stampfli brand ambassador Willy Cartier, with more in talks…

So if you want a watch with a difference, a limited edition timepiece, something a little off the cuff with heart and passion in its manufacture, maybe AOS is for you…. Can Arthur Oskar Stampfli be a brand that stands the test of time and become a classic of the future.

By the looks of how the brand has managed its growth in such turbullent times, maybe it has what it takes to hang on in there and be a haute timepiece brand for today and the future.

We will look at most of the Arthur Oskar Stampfli Collection in detail over the next few weeks but for now here is a brief outline of their offerings

Arthur Oskar Stampfli Ocean Classique Pearl 1916 – Ref : AOS-1000.001

Display: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date

Dial : Black rhodiées wall lamps

Materials: Aluminum extra oxidation GL hard black and Titanium

Swiss Made Automatic movement SW300

Limited edition of 99 pieces

Price: 8498.- Frs.


Arthur Oskar Stampfli Ocean Black Pearl 1916 – Ref : AOS-1000.002

Display: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date

Dial : Black rhodiées wall lamps

Materials: Aluminum extra oxidation GL hard black

Swiss Made, Automatic movement SW300

Limited edition of 99 pieces

Price: 9498.- Frs.


Arthur Oskar Stampfli Ocean Gold Pearl 1916 – Ref : AOS-1000.003

Display: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date

Dial : Black rhodiées wall lamps

Materials : Gold

Swiss Made Automatic Movement SW300

Limited series of 20 pieces worldwide

Price: 62600.- Frs.

 Arthur Oskar Stampfli Octopussy 1916 – Ref : AOS-100B.001

Display: Heures , Minutes, Seconds. Needles luminova

Dial: Dianoir (treatment with 80% of diamond)

Swiss Made, automatic movement SW300

Limited series of 18 pieces

Price : 9498.- Frs.


Arthur Oskar Stampfli Tourbillon Ingénieur S3 1916

Display: Hours, Minutes, Seconds on whirlwind

Dial : Engineer

Materials : Aluminum extra oxidation GL hard black

100 % Swiss Made, Movement TT790 whirlwind

120 hours power reserve

Limited edition of 10 pieces

Price : 52600.- Frs.


Arthur Oskar Stampfli Collection Tourbillon Souscription 2012

100 % Swiss Made, Movement TT790 whirlwind

120 hours power reserve

Bracelet designed in collaboration with Alex Trelis


Arthur Oskar Stampfli Ocean China Dragon Year 2012 – Ref : AOS-10CDY.001

Display: Hours , Minutes, Seconds. Hands luminova

Dial: China

Swiss Made Automatic Movement SW300

Limited series of 88 pieces

Price : 12450.- Frs.


Heres a little gallery of a range of Arthur Oskar Stampfli Watches, as we have said they vary greatly according to the customer, why not pick your favourite.

If you like these designs and would like to know more about them, please visit the Arthur Oskar Stamplfi website or contact Jonathon Kopp directly.


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