Marc Jenni is so “Arch”

Written By: Meehna Goldsmith

We are taking a look at the Marc Jenni Arch, defined as a ladies watch?

So today Meehna Goldsmith is taking a look at the Marc Jenni Arch, Im sure you ladies out there appreciate a watchmaker who knows how to cater for your needs, Is Marc Jenni one of the few that do? Lets see Meehna’s Thoughts and views below;

We women put a lot of time into manicuring our nails. There’s nothing worse than a chip messing up the whole look. Our nimble fingers are constantly on the move and we have to be careful. Beware the woman who has just ruined a nail. It can be an ugly scene, one you don’t want to experience.

Marc Jenni Arch

Readers of this blog will know that the sophisticated and knowledgeable woman will choose a mechanical watch over a quartz one every time.

Marc Jenni Arch“That’s what I like to call the emancipation of women’s wristwatches,” says independent watchmaker Marc Jenni, a member of the prestigious Horological Academy of Independent Creators (AHCI) . “Successful and self-confident women buy their own watches and they do not want to leave the mechanical movements and innovations for men only!”

There’s one slight hitch, though. A watch crown is no friend to our beautifully polished nails. Still, it’s something we put up with to get our horological fix. Jenni offers a way to wind and set a watch without a crown. It’s a beautiful mechanical solution that’s not only technically interesting but also solves the nail problem.

In 2010 Marc Jenni introduced the “Prologue” watch with the crownless lateral winding system. Through the selector located on the case at 4 o’clock, the user can switch between functions, while a black ring circling the case sets the watch. For the “JJJ” watch, Jenni redesigned the dial with inspiration coming from the planets. With the fairer sex in mind Jenni once again plays with the dial for a more feminine presentation.

Marc Jenni Arch“I do believe that the emancipation of watches for women is just beginning,” Marc Jenni continues. “After offering bigger sized watches, I think the future goes the road of mechanically innovative timepieces for women versus watches for men, which also may suit women as a side effect.”

For the Marc Jenni Arch watch, Jenni looks to the seasons as his muse with a more intuitive three-color selection: Snowflake’ with its white alligator strap, the ‘Spring Haze’ with it’s light green and yellow overtones, ‘Sunburst’ representing Summer with vivid red, and finally, with autumnal shades of ochre and light browns the ‘Indian Summer’ version.

The hard and masculine triangle at 4 o’clock of the “Prologue” and “JJJ” were replaced with flowing arches, while the bottom of the triangle is now represented with three diamonds in black settings. Diamonds are also set in the handle of the turning ring and used for some of the indices.

The Marc Jenni Arch comes in a 44mm white gold case and retails for CHF 46’000.00.

Though Jenni labels the “Arch” a woman’s watch, he only does it to differentiate it from the other models.  As he notes, “I clearly designed the watch with leaving an open door for multiple profiles and cultures.”

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