Masters 2012 Winner – Richard Mille RM 038

by D Constant on April 9, 2012

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Masters 2012 Winner – Richard Mille RM 038

Written By: D Constant

Yes, Yes, Yes, We all know that the 2012 Masters was won by Bubba Watson, but what was on his wrist. It was of course a Richard Mille, but was it the Richard Mille ‘Bubba Watson’ RM 038 or the all new Richard Mille ‘Bubba Watson’ RM 055.

RM 038 Bubba Watson Masters 2012

We can confirm it was the RM 038, which Bubba has been sporting for sometime now during his exploit on the US golf tour.

There are some subtle visual differences in the two timepieces, but the one that enables you to differentiate easily in the photographs are the number of screws visually apparent around the face of the Richard Mille RM 038 and RM 055, with the RM 038 having a total of 8 with the RM 055 having 12.

Bubba is an ambassador for Richard Mille Watches and has been since early 2011 when the company launched the RM 038 solely for Bubba Watson’s induction into the family of Richard Mille, As one of the few professional golfers who still wear a wrist watch whilst competing, the conection was a great one for Richard Mille to forge and now that Bubba Watson has one his first major all the more reason and the fact that it seams to coincide with the launch of the New Richard Mille ‘Bubba Watson’ RM 055 is all the better for the watchmaker.

As this is homage to Bubba Watson and his First Major win we won’t bore you with all the watch details here, even though we are a Watch Review website, we have however taken this opportunity to have a closer look at both the Richard Mille ‘Bubba Watson’ RM 038 and RM 055 on The Watch Review Site, just follow the links below to see more. We have although provided some more photos of Bubba sporting the Richard Mille RM 038 during the US Masters 2012 and also during his Green Jacket moment.



RM 038 Bubba Watson Masters 2012


RM 038 Bubba Watson Masters 2012


RM 038 Bubba Watson Masters 2012

Oh can’t help to sneek in a photograph of the RM 038, well it did win the US Masters 2012 also

and now for those links we promised you earlier The Richard Mille RM 038 information can be found at and the Richard Mille RM 055 at


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