The MB&F HM3 Frog Goes to the Moon with Sarpaneva


Written By Meehna Goldsmith


MB&F HM3 FrogWe all know the crazy groundbreaking designs of MB&F, like the Legacy Machine 1,  HM4 Thunderbolt, the HM3 Rebel Yell and the HM3 Purple Frog. Every so often MB&F brings in another artiste to interpret one of the Machines. They’ve worked with Boucheron for the awesome JWLRYMACHINE, which was a wise choice. Now they’ve decided to take a decidedly Finnish approach by giving Stepan Sarpaneva a crack at the HM3 frog and came up with the MOONMACHINE.

Sarpaneva is no slouch in the talent department. He can find his way around a movement with the best of them. Consider that he worked alongside Kari Voutilainen, Vianney Halter and Christophe Claret, watchmakers known for their talent in high complications such as Claret’s 21 Blackjack.

Sarpaneva is known for his moody moon, the northern stars and constellations and the distinctive Korona case, characteristic elements in all his watches. All appear in the MOONMACHINE.

Here the hand-finished moons indicate the moonphase through a Korona-shaped opening. The swing of the winding rotor comprised of steel and 22K gold represents the star-filled sky, accomplished by a laser piercing, which allows light to reflect through the movement.

If you find yourself over the moon for the MOONMACHINE, then you better get moving because it’s in 3 limited editions of 18 pieces each in titanium, black titanium and red gold.

Enjoy a short video on the MOONMACHINE produced by MB&F.

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