Patek Philippe Reference 2499

by Meehna Goldsmith on April 30, 2012

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A Special Patek Philippe Reference 2499: A Game Changer


Written By: Meehna Goldsmith


Patek Philippe Ref 2499Introduced in 1950 the Patek Philippe reference 2499 has a well-deserved reputation as one of the greatest watches ever created.  It replaced the celebrated reference 1518, the world’s first perpetual calendar chronograph made in series. Just this year Patek Philippe released another perpetual calendar chronograph featuring their own in-house chronograph movement, the 5270.

So exclusive is the reference 2499 that only 349 pieces were ever produced over a period of 35 years, the majority cased in yellow gold. A simple calculation reveals how rare this model is, with an annual average of only 9 watches produced in Patek Philippe’s workshops.

The arrival of this specific Patek Philippe 2499 rocks the horological world. Not only is it the first “fresh to market” first series pink gold to  since 2004 and only the fourth ever publicly offered example, but its existence was previously unknown to scholars and therefore redefines the history books.

Other known models of this reference in pink gold are all in 36.2mm Vichet case that’s recognized by its flat back and prominent elongated and downturned fluted lugs. Different from its siblings, this watch sits in a case by Wenger, featuring a larger diameter and more rounded lugs, creating a very strong impact.

This Patek Philippe 2499 is in magnificent condition, which would make any collector drool. Without blemishes and with just the right level of ivory-colored patina, the dial remains in a natural state, undisturbed by cleaning or restoration. Well-defined lugs and crisp hallmarks, including the case number, round out this beautiful portrait. According to the family, the watch was always in the possession of their late father.

This reference 2499 is definitely a game-changer, a unique piece that came out of nowhere. It makes me wonder what other treats could possibly materialize in the future from Patek Philippe…

This watch goes up for sale at the Christie’s on May 14th in Geneva. See the lot here.


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