Roger Dubuis – 2012 Collections

Four worlds for an extraordinary universe

— Pulsion —— Velvet —— Excalibur —— La Monegasque —

ROGER DUBUIS has been at the forefront of the contemporary Fine Watchmaking scene since 1995. Its audacious creations, firmly anchored in the 21st century, bear the mark of all the savoirfaire and expertise of the finest watchmaking mechanisms. Rich in conceptual creativity and mechanical detail, its collections are inspired by four different worlds: Player, Warrior, and two newcomers: Venturer and Diva. They will give the inspiration to embark upon this New Year of 2012.

More than just a traditional watch manufacture, ROGER DUBUIS is the reflection of a space spilling over with creative ideas. The Genevan watchmaker has taken its inspiration from four different and distinctive worlds from which it has created a universe in which exuberance takes pride of place and creativity reigns supreme. These four worlds feed the imagination of their designers and contribute to the construction of the brand’s image: Player, Warrior, and those who will be at the forefront of the stage in 2012, Venturer and Diva.

ROGER DUBUIS immerses itself in the atmosphere of each of these worlds in order to create exceptional watch models. The Monégasque Collection refers to the boldness and wit of the world of the Player. The Excalibur Collection is influenced by the strength, brilliance and discipline of the world of the Warrior. The limitations of ordinary life have no place in the world of the Venturer, or in the Pulsion watch models that evoke it. Finally, the world of the Diva is impregnated with elegance and beauty, just like the Velvet Collection that has been inspired by it.

With the clear desire to look to the future to create the watches of tomorrow today, ROGER DUBUIS challenges the senses day after day. Each of its four fantasy worlds occupies a clearly defined territory and helps to inspire the collections Excalibur, La Monégasque, Pulsion and Velvet, that will write new chapters in the history of watchmaking. The brand infuses them with the conventions that it holds dear: a case that clearly defines identity; reliability and expertise; boldness and total authenticity. With the touch of mystery and the unexpected that is a characteristic feature.


Venturer – Pulsion

Growing through action For ever walking on a tightrope, always off the beaten path, the boundaries of normality have no meaning in his life. The world of the Venturer is marked by danger and challenge. Adrenalin is his fuel, action is his engine, intelligence and alertness are his protection. This is the world that permeates the new Pulsion Collection from the Genevan watchmaker ROGER DUBUIS. These are timepieces made in his own image: naturally powerful, and effortlessly controlled.

For the Venturer is of the breed who defy the rules, despite the pitfalls, which he overcomes without a single false move. His resolute gaze shows that he is not around just to make up the numbers. He is a man who is determined to set the pace, someone who likes to push back the boundaries. The Venturer is marked by strength of character, a constant desire to surpass himself and the ability to handle every situation. He flirts with danger, but accurately assesses the risks to avoid the pitfalls.

He is the total master of his own destiny. If he seems to be constantly on the edge of the precipice, he knows how to hold the road and easily handles the trickiest of bends. He never loses his head. His world is both attractive and disconcerting at the same time. We sense that he is no stranger to exciting and daring experiences. More than just a lifestyle, he represents the art of good living. The world of the Venturer is a constant succession of the most powerful, intense and astonishing exploits.

The models in the new Pulsion Collection from the Genevan watchmaker ROGER DUBUIS are inspired by the world of the Venturer and embody a certain image of raw virility. They are defined by both clear lines and a certain impenetrability, combined with strength and presence. Their mechanical movements, characterised by discipline and rigour, are the embodiment of veritable watchmaking challenges. As soon as the observer sets eyes upon them, they impose their very special way of occupying space and their powerful identity: pure charm in its natural state. Their force and their boldness give them a sense of difference, of triumph and of mystery: the very essence of imaginative force.

In this way Pulsion watches form an integral part of the extraordinary universe of ROGER DUBUIS. A world that marks out a new approach and reforges the identity of Fine Watchmaking. What the Genevan watchmaker is introducing is nothing less than a new mode of aesthetic expression, reinforced by unique standards of mechanical reliability and precision.

Watches in the Pulsion Collection include

Skeleton Flying Tourbillon in Titanium

Chronograph in Black titanium

Chronograph in titanium

Chronograph in pink gold


Diva -VelvetIcon of chic and charm

For her, nothing is ever accidental or ordinary. The world of the Diva is perhaps best defined by thinking of her as a “muse”. Her entire personality expresses a specific point of view or vision. Her passionate nature, totally dedicated to cultivating elegance, and daring character, are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The world of the Diva has inspired the new Velvet Collection, and beautifully embodies the mischievous femininity of the watches created by the Genevan watchmaker ROGER DUBUIS.

The subject of the new fantasy world imagined by ROGER DUBUIS, the Diva applies the philosophy of the Genevan watchmaker by seeking to encapsulate both the beautiful and also the hidden side of life, marked by all that is different. Her totally uncompromising character reflects a wish to express the most extravagant side of each of the models in the Velvet Collection for which she is the inspiration. The refined models of the new Velvet Collection mark the time with their character day by day and reveal an aesthetic rigour that is constantly stimulated by the desire to create something that is totally exceptional.

Over and above this wish to highlight all that is different, the Diva accurately reflects the women of today. These are women who never stop, are always seeking to turn each and every second into a precious moment and who are uncompromisingly demanding towards themselves. They who are passionate and hugely admired, and the objects they come to possess hold the keys to another world. Freed from all that is illusory, they are drawn towards the essential heart of things. For them, instinct is a second nature. Contemporary and seductive, they cultivate the art of the extravagant. In this they are totally faithful to the spirit of the Diva, and are free to go where others do not dare.

In the spirit of a truly refined style, the Diva re-creates the purest expression of all that is chic. Elegance is important, but glamour even more so: the models in the Velvet Collection are quick to earn pride of place on a woman’s wrist. Playing with graphic motifs on dials, distorting the shapes of cases, turning bracelet attachments into precious links: such things are not for them. Breaking with conformity, nevertheless they carry with them all the discipline of Fine Watchmaking, offering a unique combination of creative flair and technical expertise. The result is seen in watches that establish a permanent dialogue between virtuosity and poetry.

Daring takes on its full meaning with the creations by ROGER DUBUIS. With its Velvet Collection, the Genevan watchmaker takes one stop more on the road towards all that is different. What really counts is not to be like others, and to focus on the brand’s creative core, its famous codes of identity. There is enormous pleasure to be had in entering the universe of ROGER DUBUIS. That of discovering (or rediscovering) worlds that inspire the finest lines of watches to have ever been created. Creativity, personality, reliability, excellence, daring – this is where it all converges and emerges.

Watches in the Velvet Collection include

Amethysts and Spinels

Fine Jewellery in White Gold

Diamonds in White Gold

Jewellery in pink gold


Warrior – Excalibur

An atmosphere of chivalry, in which duels are synonymous with courage, and where a certain nobility of combat exists, inspired by a bygone age: welcome to the world of the Warrior! A world that brings to mind the symbolism of the Round Table, of the quest for the Holy Grail, the fight of good against evil and the defence of the realm. Here, as a characteristic of the era, men have the power to choose their destiny. It is from this world of choreographed mastery and power that ROGER DUBUIS reveals the Excalibur Collection.

Just like the orders of chivalry, the world of the Warrior is symbolised by the coat of arms. With its perfect gestures, sharpened swords and dazzling armour, the image of the world of the Warrior recalls a universe of nobility, strength, splendour and discipline. Like the watches from the Excalibur Collection, the knight carries inside him the aestheticism of combat, the beauty of the brave soldier, and the precision of the quest for excellence.

If the valiant wish their arms to win glory and victory, they must never lose sight of what makes them so daring and unflinching: their courage. The world of the Warrior gives great importance to the value of courage. Knowledge of their own resources, boldness, efficiency: these are the qualities that characterise those who act with dignity. The virtue of discipline should also be added to those referred to above. Knowing the different routes by which a goal can be attained, following closely the agreed plan of battle: these are the foundations for the combat of a valiant fighter.

Then comes the action. Victory remains the main objective and everything depends on subtly obtaining it. The knight is an extremely well-trained elite warrior, able to use both the sword and the lance with equal mastery. Honour, loyalty and honesty are found in each of his movements. It is from this strength and brilliance that the models in ROGER DUBUIS’ Excalibur Collection take their inspiration. Competition is a source of inexhaustible creativity for the Genevan watchmaker who has created and designed watches whose very nature expresses power and brilliance.

Watches in the Excalibur Collection include

Automatic in Pink Gold

Automatic in Steel

Excalibur Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon in Black titanium


Player – La Monegasque

The world of the Player is a perfect symbiosis between adrenalin, precision and mystery. For him a spirit of adventure, natural elegance and glamour form part of everyday life. His world is daring and masterful, as he is a purveyor of strong sensations. In this he is very close to the world of Fine Watchmaking. Taking their inspiration from this universe, the watches in the Monégasque Collection from ROGER DUBUIS are dream machines that place their technical mastery at the service of creating emotion.

His roots are in the gambling world, but he is also capable of adapting to real life. The Player is a modern hero. He is somebody who considers risk as a supreme value but never forgets that the objective is always attained through skill and control. If he loves the accidental and intuitive side of games of chance, it is because he believes in his own lucky star. He is moved by the poetry of chance.

Fascinating, captivating, utterly intriguing, the universe of the Player is synonymous with freedom and has a great deal in common with the world of Fine Watchmaking. Both are domains governed by passion, elegance, mastery, enterprise and discipline. Anything goes, and the wildest follies become exciting challenges for the craftsmen of the extreme. Moderation and excess alternately mark the pace for these artisans of the exceptional who respond to the most detailed requirements for technical reliability and performance.

Imbued with the world of gambling, the Monégasque Collection from ROGER DUBUIS reflects a style that is intimately linked to one of the chicest of all the coastal resorts in the Mediterranean. Bathed in sunshine and luminosity, La Monégasque encapsulates the spirit of the location and participates in all the style and glamour of the Principality. Does time seem to stretch out languidly before one: a bold design, a contemporary line and a unique, innovative shape that lays out a perfect circle. Details take precedence over effects. The collection represents a notion of style rather than of fashion, characterised by a sober elegance and original forms.

Watches in the La Monegasque Collection include

Flying Tourbillon in Pink Gold


Faithful to the tradition of excellence that has established the reputation of the Genevan watchmaker, all the models in the above new Roger Dubuis Collections comply with all the latest requirements for the “Poinçon de Genève”. This mark of quality, issued by the Canton of Geneva to a small number of watchmakers, represents an official guarantee that the watch and its functions operate correctly. It also certifies that the watch movement is made by hand, assembled and regulated in Geneva and that it complies with the strict requirements laid down for the watch manufacture. Roger Dubuis is the only watch Manufacture to produce 100% of its movements in accordance with the criteria of the “Poinçon de Genève”.



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