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by Meehna Goldsmith on August 10, 2012

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How to Collect Rolex with Eric Ku

Its a big, big, watch world out there–and I’m just talking about Rolex right now. Arguably the most successful watch brand on the planet, they supply a taste for every craving. The budding collector can put together a few thousand bucks and proudly wear the five crowns on his or her wrist, while the more experienced and flush aficionado can spend hundreds of thousands and even up to a million dollars to grab a holy grail.

Yeah, this year a Rolex for the first time hit the big million mark at auction. Shows you how passionate and determined Rollie collectors are. Pictured: A Million Dollar Rolex Ref. 4113

Tracing its origins back to 1905, Rolex has a rich history and they’ve produced a lot of watches with enough variations to make your head spin. You might be able to name off models such as the Explorer, GMT, Submariner, Day-Date, and Deep Sea. That’s pretty manageable. But try to differentiate the versions within the models and you’re talking itsy bitsy details that can swing a watch into a whole other credit card color. You’ve got to know what you’re looking for.

Eric Ku, owner of 10 Past Ten and also a contributor to Longitude, is one of the guys who knows what he’s looking for. He’s a well-respected expert in the wilds of Rolex collecting and he’s seen them all. Remember the rare Milgauss he showed us, one of only two thought to exist?

While he was in town, he was nice enough to sit down for an interview and give his thoughts on subjects such as the new Sky-Dweller, how to begin collecting and which 5 models should be in any Rolex collection. See the video interview undertaken by Meehna below.


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