Rolex – Deepsea Challenge Watch – Video

by D Constant on March 20, 2012

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Rolex – The DeepSea Challenge Watch

Written by D Constant for The Watch Review Site

20th March 2012

On viewing this video and following the link, this deep sea challenge is some feet pardon the pun…. Did you know, That???

“Twelve men have walked on the surface of the moon and maybe 500 have traveled to space, but only [two] have visited the very deepest point of the ocean, which they reached on January 23, 1960.”—Daily Mail, September 17, 2010

And now some 52 years later national geographic is trying it again, with James Cameron the man attempting it…. P.S and only one official watch and that was a Rolex back then too.

For me the fact that a watch has been made to attempt the mamoth task with him is a story in it’s self and to say it will withstand depths of 12,000m (in old language that’s 39,370ft) thats some 8 miles down now thats a long long way down…

I for one am going to sign up to keep notified of how James is doing with the expedition to the deep deep deep deep deep blue sea and so can you by following the link to

Oh and the watch the Rolex DeepSea Challenge, it does look a nice piece of work… I am assuming there will only be one made, well i can’t see them taking two down space must be a bit tight in the challenger. It  CLASSIC ROLEX in styling just a hell of a lot thicker and with a lot more tech and manufacturing involved.  The Black Face and bezel compliment the watch exceptionally.

Now for the bit provided by Rolex below….

52 years after a Rolex watch accompanied the Trieste on its historic descent to 10,916 metres (35,800 feet) in the Mariana trench, National Geographic explorer-in-residence James Cameron, on board the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER, prepares to go even deeper.

This time again, a Rolex watch, the Deepsea Challenge, is part of the expedition.

Gain a unique insight into the skill and unequalled know-how that went into making this experimental watch.

Discover more about DEEPSEA CHALLENGE on

Written by D Constant for The Watch Review Site

Video and part of article provided by Rolex


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