Another Year, Another Fab Salon QP has opened its Doors……

SalonQP is with us once again, and at its fabulous location of the Saatchi Gallery on Kings Road in London. Tonight 6th November 2014 is its opening Night and by some strange and unfortunate coincidence I double booked and was unable to attend…. maybe something to do with my Birthday, How inconsiderate of my mother all those (cough… cough…) years ago. But I will be there tomorrow, woo hoo.

Well we thought we would give you a little insight on what you can expect from London’s very own Fine Watch Show, this may not be exactly what you expect as we are going to try and look at some of the less publicised exhibitors along with the usual fabulous stalwarts of the show and fast becoming the UK’s go to watch guys.

So let’s begin with some of the more common known names to our readers Bremont – this fabulous British Institution (well it’s getting there) will be showing its wares at SalonQP again this year and I’m sure anyone attending will be welcomed as always by the Bremont team and Brothers, I’m personally looking forward to get to grips with the Bremont Boeing colab-watch,  I just really like the crisp clean look of this watch and along with other c0llaborations Bremont has achieved a fantastic timepiece in my opinion.
















I do hope the Bremont collection makes it’s way to the Show, as production is on way and deliveries are expected in December… if its not we will still be able to take an up close and personal look at the Jaguar and Chivas Regal collaboration watches along with the lovely Wright Flyer Limited edition Timepiece too. Bremont Wright Flyer WG

Yes, that’s the watch that has the new Movement in it and caused a bit of stir after its launch in July… In House movement or NOT… that’s all been cleared up now and a little miscommunication or words taken out of context a little shouldn’t take away from the fact that bremont have moved on with manufacturing watches in the UK and made great strides in getting the UK watchmaking industry back on track, So the Wright Flyer and it’s Part Developed and Designed movement the BWC/01 which will be making their debut at SalonQP. Bremont Wright Flyer WG BackThey have been busy in Henley this last year… Sticking with UK Watchmakers/designers and ones that have made significant strides in the past year and first time exhibitors and a Watch Review Site Favourite we have Christopher Ward, this affordable watch manufacturer has again in collaboration with Swiss watchmakers and ateliers, which they now own have created there own in house movement the SH21 which is housed in the C9 Harrison 5 Day Automatic which was launched in July 2014. c9-5day-swbr_04

The C9 Harrison 5 Day is a lovely piece and stands along the C900 Single Pusher which we have reviewed hands on and the C9 Jumping Hour and C900 Worldtimer which both have Christopher Ward JJ movement which have been designed and made by a wiz of a watchmaker Johannes Jahnke, who you could meet at SalonQP and see him at work….

Here’s some of the collection you could be feasting your eye’s upon at SalonQP over the next few days from Christopher Ward. c9-5day-sbs_02 c9-5day-swbr_02 c9jh-sckr-mk3_2 c900wt-sbbr_12_1
















Moving on but sticking with the UK, we have our lovely and formidable Giles Ellis from Schofield Watches…. Schofield has always Launched a watch at Salon QP and this year is no different with the introduction of the Beater, which comes in three metals… Bronze, Titanium and Steel and here is a photo from Schofield Watches own twitter feed of the watches from today’s SalonQP.


The Beater has been launched at SalonQP and the first look at these new creations by Schofield Watches was this evening, again a bad reason to miss tonight’s event, but I cant wait to get hands on tomorrow.

So The guys that brought us The Signalman, Signalman DLC and Blacklamp, with that fabulous case have stepped on again using more materials. Its not only the watches you get from Schofield its an experience when you purchase one of their timepieces, the selection of fabulous straps are amazing, not to mention the torches, pen knives and other accessories they have come up with, the latest being  a Schofield Pen, all of these accessories are made using only the finest materials and workmanship.

As I said I cant wait to see what Giles has up his sleeve for next year, but first tomorrow.

With time catching up to me, I thought I’d sneak in just a couple more for you to consider visiting…. well I would definitely visit the next two at SalonQP.

First up is a Belgium based brand who I first come across in Basel last year even though they have been around a tad longer than that… Raidillon 55.

Raidillon is a Belgium brand named after a corner/curve on the old Spa circuit, and the 55 was the maximum number of cars allowed to race on the Old Spa Race Track, so a very apt name for a race inspired watch brand.

All of the Raidillon watch collections are powered by Swiss Movements and the majority are Chronographs and come in 38mm and 42mm cases. Another great aspect is that all Raidillon watches come in strict limited editions of 55 pieces a very nice touch in my eyes, and they are priced well for the quality of design, build and movement.


Raidillon 55 are a first time exhibitor at SalonQP and as I understand it are a first time exhibitor in the UK, so its a great opportunity to get hands on with these great watches and see for yourself what I’m banging on about.

Think of it this way I have decided to add them to a post which has three of the best British watch brands we have available to us today so that must mean something… I hope.

Here’s a look at some of their pieces.













42_c10_130_1 42_c10_133___face_copie 42_c10_159








And the final place I would like to tell you to visit during SalonQP and its a must for all watch aficionados and that stand is Wolf… Wolf Watch Winders, I personally have one and they are great and fabulous value for money.

Oh and another of our favourites who will be there is Nomos Glashutte, again another must visit watch stand for the pure simplicity of design and fabulous cases, along with some amazing German Glashutte engineering.

I’m sure I’ve missed a few, probably a lot but I will give you a greater insight tomorrow.

Due to time and needing some sleep before venturing to SalonQP tomorrow I leave it there, but will be tweeting photos and providing a review of the event over the weekend, So why not tune back in to The Watch Review Site and see what I get up to at London’s only Fine Watch Show….


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