Another Year, Another Fab Salon QP has opened its Doors……

SalonQP is with us once again, and at its fabulous location of the Saatchi Gallery on Kings Road in London.  November is a highlight of the watch calender here in the UK and SalonQP is the reason why…. Yes, yes we all know March is the month of Baselworld when we all decamp to Switzerland for our annual pilgrimage to watch wonderland but on our small isle of  the UK there is nothing better than SalonQP.

So here’s a quick little insight into what SalonQP had for all us watch lovers.

The stalwarts of British watchmaking were out in force with Bremont taking centre stage at the show, and as for Mr Robert Loomes, with his hardwork and many, many hours of graft producing a British made watch for us all to see… yes I did say British Made that’s movement and all… and before you ask quoting the man himself “Every single component in our Robin range is made in Britain”

Hands together for Robert Loomes and his team, and on a separate note he’s a very nice chap too. Departing the master stroke of an entirely British built watch at a shall we shall not so extortionate price as others.

So let’s go back to some of the more common known names to our readers Bremont – this fabulous British Institution and I think I can now say that after years of growth and some fabulous timepieces, is once again showing its wares at SalonQP and I’m sure anyone attending will be welcomed as always by the Bremont team and Brothers.

Some of the pieces on show where


















Along with this version of the Boeing too.

And then there is the Kingsman… yes from the Movie of the same name, as it did have a very up close and personal starring role in the movie.

After making their debut at SalonQP two years ago in November 2014. Sticking with UK Watchmakers/designers and ones that have made significant strides in the past year and we have Christopher Ward, this affordable watch manufacturer has again in collaboration with Swiss watchmakers and ateliers (which they now own… well it wasn’t a takeover, more a merger as such) , have come up with more in-house Swiss made pieces, I would love to highlight their CWard Moon Phase seen below






I think that will have to do for a first post on SalonQP2016. Just realised the Moonphase was around at SalonQP 2015 too…. apologies

I will be posting some more images over our social media sites over the coming days during the show and then post a few more pics here.


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