As promised, Here’s a little more from SalonQP 2016

My highlight of the show…. or shall we say highlights of the show are as follows

I had to get my hands on one of the most amazing watches I have had the pleasure of wearing and playing with… have to say there was not much meddling with this piece though… I’m sure they quoted me in the £400k mark… I may be wrong. But here it is the L.U.C Chopard All in One – 150th Anniversary limited edition, Now this maybe a watch produced in 2010 in a limited edition of only 15, so really its 7 years old… but its amazing

that’s the front…..

 and this is the back… no open case back but pure complications….. its amazing and if you get a chance to see one please do… I think they said this was the last one as the rest have all been sold.

Now back to something more in my price bracket, well sort of…. a brand you may or may not know yet, but trust me you should get to know them Suisse Mecanica.. and the amazing Juliana Renoult (the designer behind the watch pictured below). This small independent timepiece maker is the brainchild of a couple steeped in a history of design and I think the watches produced show that. Currently they have two models the SM8 and SM8 chrono, with more to come. and here they are side by side

have I failed to mention they come in four different variations each, basically dial colours and internal bezel colours change. Build quality if great and what caught attention was the crown protector and the way it slides to reveal the crown and pushers.

before I forget here is the back of the SM8’s

Suisse Mecanica SM8

it was great chatting to Juliana and the passion showed in our conversation.

Moving back to an old stalwart, and to correct my earlier faux paux with the Moon Phase… Christopher Ward came all guns blazing as usual with the C8 and C1 being their new timepieces for the show, both fabulous and again very affordable.

The C8 Power Reserve Chronometer… Now that is a watch that looks stunning both front and back… again using its in house calibre SH21 with added power reserve complication and it has a 120 hour reserve. not bad fro a little British watch designer hey….

The power reserve must be Christopher Wards thing of 2016 as the C1 Grand Malvern Power Reserve was the next timepiece being shown by the British/S0wiss watchmaker.

Just to finish off, I’m sure I mentioned Suisse Mecanica, but I forgot to show you their DLC version… so here it is.

You may be instore for another chapter from SalonQP 2016, but the above are some of my show highlights.




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