SalonQP – Our take in Photos.

By The Watch Review Site Team

Here is our take on SalonQP and the watchmakers we visited during our visit today, P.S. we did not have the camera on the Thursday evening reception but it was a fantastic night and thank you once again to James Gurney and QP Magazine for putting together such a great event…. Thanks guys and girls, much appreciated by the UK watch fraternity…

Well we have had the pleasure of attending SalonQP at the Saatchi Gallery on Thursday Evening and this afternoon, and thought it was time to let you into some of the watchmakers and people we bumped into on our travels…

Here is a little extract of the numerous photographs we took during our visit, we will be writing detailed takes on all of the below over the next few days/weeks. If anyone has a favourite please comment and we will prioritise.

Bell & Ross 

We were introduced to Simon Cudd B&R ambassador by the lovely danielle for those who don’t already know it, great to put a face and voice to a twitterati… youy can follow Simon on Twitter @SimonCudd

The Bell & Ross BR01-92   46mm Stainless Steel – We liked it even on my Piddly 6 3/4 inch baby wrists.

Bell & Ross BR03-94 Commando   42mm a little more appropriate for my wrist but I keep getting drawn to the BR01

Side by side but the photo doesn’t do the size difference justice, the BR01 on the left is a substantially bigger looking watch and I for one really like it, but either would do hint hint B&R… P.S one for Hands on Review would be much appreciated.

Moving on from B&R to Schofield and our friends Giles and Matt, do they talk the talk and actually they also walk the walk, Schofield as a brand and watchmaker has become a well known name within the watch community and for no small reason the Signalman is a fabulous timepiece and has received acclaimed reviews across the board… Not only do the guys give you a great watch but the entire package and ethos of Schofield and Giles is superb, the packaging, the strap options, the DLC, the travel case are all meticulously designed and constructed and no stone in unturned for unrivalled passion in their product… Good Job Guys and look forward to many more designs and concepts soon.

Schofield Watch Company – you can follow The Schofield Watch Company @SchofieldWatch on twitter

As for the Pics, here goes

The Schofield Guys, Matt Hopwood and Giles Ellis – Sorry guys about the photo but needs must….. 

Schofield Signalman GMT PR on the Wrist – 44mm diameter it’s a lovely piece and next delivery should be in for Feb/Mar 2013 available for pre order.

Schofield Signalman DLC on the Wrist – 44mm diameter I may prefer this one limited to 100 pieces again next delivery should be in for Feb/Mar 2013 available for pre order but selling out fast.

They said it’s hard to get a good photo due to the doomed sapphire crystal and AR coating, this is probably my best attempt.

One of the Schofield Displays at SalonQP

Revelation Watches

So far that is only 2 of the many watch brands and makers at SalonQP so moving on we got collared by (or should we say we collared) Revelation, now this Brand was new to us but we have been really take by their RO3 Chronograph, with a Dubois Dépraz movement decorated inhouse. But what makes this watch stand out other than its looks and feel is the fact that you can set the dial as Black or as seethrough so you may see the movement, hopefully the photos do it justice. Just one thing the watch we had on our wrist and is photographed below is a prototype and the final version is slightly different asthetically, the ones photographed in the case are the final design.

Revelation Ro3 – 45mm diameter in both SS and Black IP

Revelation R03 with Black dial – bezel set all the way to the left

Same Watch Revelation R03 but with bezel set all the way to the right so you can see internal movement.

We do really like these and will be giving you a lot more information on the Revelation Brand and its watches, because the R01 and R02 are also great pieces to write about, especially the tourbillon, with a balance wheel moving with the second indicator. Keep them peeled.

Oh we also visited URWERK and had a little time with the UR-210 and UR-1001 (now that’s a pocket watch and a weighty one at that)

URWERK UR-210 up close and personal – do we need to say more

URWERK UR-210 on the wrist 43.8mm wide & 53.6mm long

It’s surprisingly fits fabulously well and is extremely comfortable to wear which has a  lot to do with the setting of the strap pins and shape of the watch.

URWERK UR-210 caseback – a little easier to photograph under all those lights…

Moving on to the UR-1001 Pocket Watch, I just wish I had a set of scales to weigh it as it was hefty and weighty, you know you have a lump of mechanics when you pick this up.. But it is all about the movement as with teh UR-210 above.

Sorry about the reflections – But here is the UR-1001 Pocket Watch

Side by Side the URWERK masterpieces..

We also passed by our friends from Glashutte in Germany with both NOMOS Glashutte and Meister Singer Exhibiting at SalonQP, we took a few snaps of a couple of the pieces here

The NOMOS Glashutte Zurich – 39.7mm diameter.

One of the Nomos Teams latest timepieces with Blue dial, again photo doesn’t do the dial justice it is exceptional and a very clean cut simple wonderful watch.

NOMOS Zurich – Blue and Brown faces 

Now onto MeisterSinger another Glashutte representative and again clean timepieces but with Single hand, yes most of their pieces are single handed timepieces

MeisterSinger Singulator – 43mm diameter I know I said single hand and it is but it has two sub-dials which indicate the minutes and seconds too, for when a single hand just doesn’t do it…. Lovely timepiece fits well again even on bony wrists like mine.

This shows the dial and sub-dials a little clearer.

MeisterSinger Singular – this is a one hand Chronograph with pin needle second hand and minute  sub-dial

I’m probably edging on the side of boring at the moment so will quickly show you some snaps of our little vivist to Seiko and their GPS  Solar Astron and Tag Heuer, First SEIKO ASTRON

Now to Tag Heuer


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