SalonQP Photo Diary – Part 3

Well this is now becoming a Saga is it not, the third part of our SalonQP visit (Part 1 is here, and Part 2 here) has some fabulous highlights, including our hands on with Meridian Watches brand new watches launched at the show, along with some time with Gronefeld’s Titanium Orange and Black One Hertz Watch and its in house movement with it’s exceptional quartz like second hand. We also had a very special time with the Experiment ZR012 Nitro-Glycerine or C3H5N3O9 amongst others…

Ooh we forgot the Robert Loomes timepieces we spent a little time with, have to say Robert and his partner were very open and honest about their timepiece and its resilience a great team and would love to visit the manufacture soon to get an insight in the watch-making process of a pure breed fully British Watchmaker and thats even down to the movement an original adapted Smith… I think this is a good starting point for Part 3 of our Photo diary and here goes with the Robert Loomes Stand at SalonQP

and here is the men’s watch, known as the Robert Loomes Robin Watch as we said British from its heart all the way to the tips of the strap…

and for the ladies version, with a lovely striking purple strap

On to the movement, this has been hand engraved by Robert himself, he didn’t like the machine engraving which is present in his literature and was at odds to mention that to us… and he is right and as for his engraving work he has been self taught, yes.

As we said at he heart of the in watch is a 1950s English movement. Originally made by Smiths, this is the same mechanism that Sir Edmund Hillary famously carried to the summit of Everest entirely re-worked for the Robin watch.

Oh and the obligatory on the wrist shot

Sticking with the English or British theme lets get on to the Photographs with Meridian Watches, the New British based watch maker, who prides itself on everything being hand made in Great Britain, well everything except the base movement which is undoubtedly Swiss.

There are white or black dial variations, and Stainless Steel, Meridian Black ( not PVD, IP or DLC but a special formulated Meridian Black) and a Meridian Black Aged Version Case which is probably my Favourite. Just one more thing you have some with small seconds at 6 o’clock or 9 o’clock.

and here is the Meridian Black Aged Case Version on my Wrist  

and the SS case white dial on Simon of Meridian Watches Wrist too

and a little touch we like is the Crown which can be seen here…

As we are on the British theme we thought it may be appropriate to show you a little more of the Schofield Watch Company Stand and will issue Part 4 later with the ZR012 Experiment and a few more highlights of the show.

So here are some Schofield shots

Giles Ellis of Schofield with our Competition winner

Now for a couple of shots of both Giles and Matt doing what they enjoy at SalonQP

and we cant leave without having a shot of the watch itself, this is the Signalman DLC on the Wrist, not my wrist but Giles’s

Hope you enjoyed Part 3 and look out for Part 4 very soon with the ZR012, Gronefeld, Speake Marin to name a few… I think we have some JLC and Hermes too.


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