SalonQP Photo Diary – Part 5

I know we said we said this will be the last one but looking at the memory card it may drag over into two more articles, I’m sure you don’t mind being exposed to more photo’s of some lovely watches a little more.

So what have we install for you today from our adventures at SalonQP, well we have Speake Marin, maybe a little Jaeger-LeCoultre with Aston Martin thrown in for goos measure and some Arnold and Sons too…

So lets start with our very own British Speake Marin, yes we know Peter Speake-Marin is now firmly based in Switzerland but he is a native Englishman who begun his journey through to master watchmaker in London, lets start off with the Speake Marin Resilience and straight off with a wrist shot, shame this was not on my own wrist but that of Speake Marine representative at SalonQP, hey he had a nice cuff whereas I was a bit rough and ready

The Resilience is a really nice classic clean dial timepiece which has the Eros 2 movement all within the Speake Marin Piccadilly Case.

I was pleasantly surprised by the actual fit of the piccadily case on the wrist with the extended lugs it just seems really long, but its not and fits very very well, I also like the crown again didn’t think I would but it is a nice crown. So we had to get a better snap of it below

Now to the caseback and movement of the Speak Marin Resilience, as we said the case is the Piccadilly and that is clearly engraved on the caseback

As we where at the Speake Marin Stand at SalonQP it would be a diservice not to get to grips with the Spirit Mark II and also the Serpent Calender timepieces, firstly the Serpent Calender on the wrist

and now to the Spirit Mark II one of Peter’s most affordable models

Moving on from Speake Marin even if we don’t want to I’m sure we should, let’s go onto  Jaeger-LeCoultre and their Aston Martin Collaboration timepieces and let us begin with the AMVOX 07 which was unveiled at the show on day 1 of SalonQP, literarily as we walked in to the event…

It’s a shame that when we managed to get to JLC stand we did not manage to get the AMVOX07 hands on, not sure if anyone did… so here are the best shots we got of the Aston Martin Related Watches this is the AMVOX 07

And the AMVOX 05

Here are some more shots of the Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX range

As Jaeger-LeCoultre had many stands in and around SalonQP, well we say many they had the Aston Martin AMVOX Launch stand and another large watchmaking masterclass stand too, the AMVOX stand was dedicated to this range and had a variety of Aston Martin parts dotted around as seen below

and now to the Jaeger-LeCoultre Watchmaking masterclass and main stand, this should give you a feel as to how influential JLC was at the event


Well that’s our Jaeger-LeCoultre experience at SalonQP and before we sign off for today we thought we would show you some of the Arnold and Son timepieces on show at SalonQP 2012 too, a brand with some extensive heritage dating back to the 1700’s

We had a lovely chat with Alan from Nuval, who are the distributors for Arnold and Sons in the UK about the brands heritage and it’s links to royalty in the past, and moreso its Swiss base and manufacture and got to see some of the pieces first hand. Like this Arnold and Son TBR in Stainless Steel

and this Arnold and Son DBG

Maybe just one more from Arnold and Son with the DBG Rose Gold

I think we have had our fill for today, but we have just one more for you tomorrow which will have some more Schofield Watch Company, a bit of Corum maybe some more Bremont Watch comanpy Victory Watch and definately some Giuliano Mazzuoli which we like the idea behind the watches very much based on everyday motoring objects and dials.

Hope to see you all tomorrow.


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