SalonQP – The Watch Review Site Photo Diary – Part 4


So for Part 4 of our Photographic tour of SalonQP 2012, and we promise you will see the Zr012 Experiment Nitro-Glycerine this time, along with the Gronefeld One Hertz and a little Hermes plus a few more individual shots….

So as promised here it is in the flesh as it may be…. the C3H5N3O9 or Nitro-Glycerine Watch by the guys behind URWEK and MB&F as presented to us at SalonQP by Ian Skellern or Under the Dial as you may all know him.

The first photo is of the C3H5N3O9 on my wrist if you couldn’t guess

and now for a few more different angles of the Experiment on the wrist and against the odds and looks it fits superbly and comfortable on the wrist even my small 6 3/4 inch wrist, which by chance is exactly the same size as Ian’s, this great fit is all down to the moving top lug and positioning, but more on this in the full article coming soon on The Watch Review Site.

Just look at how it hugs the wrist below.

and the strap is nice too, and it closes by itself effectively no pressure required

Enough of the WOMW shots, as need to keep some back for the article and onto a few other photographs of this limited edition masterpiece, oh and we are told a Rose Gold version is in the pipeline…

As for that wankle movement here is a clear one for you movement fanatics, and watching it turn and move is a sight, its so perfectly balanced and needs to be.

We nearly forgot the caseback of the Experiment ZR012 C3H5N3O9 an piece of work itself, whereas the face and top of the case is very space age, mechanical and heavy looking, the case-back has been made more subtle more organic and animal like, softer to contrast the front of the watch but compliment it also.

and a close up of the Power reserve

I think that is enough to wet the apetite and from one fantastic and strange movement to another great movement made by the Gronfeld brothers Bart and Tim out of the Netherlands and the Gronefeld One Hertz, well a version of… First lets show you a number of Gronefeld watches including the Rose Gold GTM-06 all on show at SalonQp before we move onto the Titanium and Orange One Hertz Fire to give it the proper name

Here is a closer look at the Gronefeld GMT-06

And now for the Gronefeld One Hertz Fire…. Apt name based on the colouring of the dial and markers

and now for the movement on the One Hertz Fire, which I have to say is a lovely sight… if you have not guessed I’m a fan of a nice looking modern stylistic movement.

and again

The obligatory wrist shot, yes we do try and wear the watches we photograph so we can get a feel for the weight and comfort factor.

Moving on from Gronefeld as we can’t just keep showing you photo’s of the One Hertz Fire, so now we move onto Hermes, starting with a little look at the Hermes stand at SalonQP and the latest movement which enabled them to begin making ladies watches as Mechanical Automatics and not Quartz.

Now on to the watches that Hermes have to offer

and just one more Hermes automatic watch

Now that is nearly the end of our SalonQp Photo diary, just one more article to post tomorrow and that will include the likes of Jaeger-LeCoultre, Guiliano Mazzouli, Schofield Watch Company and Speake Marin…


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