Divers Watches

An Interview with Scott Cassell – Giant Squid, Sharks and Luminox Watches Luminox make smart diving watches perfect for telling the time no matter how dark and murky the depths are. They have recruited the services of expert diver Scott Cassell as a brand ambassador and they have even named a small range of their […]

Bremont launches the Supermarine 2000 or S2000 Dive Watch Written by D Constant Hello all, better late than never, and quite apt bearing in mind Bermont launched the watch only yesterday in the Cayman Islands with Diamonds International on Grand Cayman. So we see another Dive Watch from our British Aviator watch specialists in the […]

Hublot King Power 48mm OCEANOGRAPHIC 4000 “Jeans” Dive Watch Press Release by Hublot S.A Hublot and Zegg&Cerlati unveil an exclusive special edition The “Oceanographic 4000 Jeans”, a diving watch designed to withstand the extreme pressure found at depths of 4,000 metres, yet boasting a high fashion look featuring denim for a summery feel. Based on an idea by […]

Breitling Avenger Seawolf BlackSteel Code Yellow Breitling Press Release A very special series of the Breitling Avenger Seawolf Its name says it all. Avenger for its power and its unfailing sturdiness. Seawolf for water resistance to the fabulous depth of 3,000 meters (10,000 ft). Blacksteel for the black case achieved by a highly resistant carbon-based treatment. And […]

Hublot Oceanographic 4000 King Gold White Well there must be something in the water, Literarily straight after introducing you to the Breitling Super Ocean 42mm White Waters Divers Watch we have another White Diver in a very different vein but its still a white diver… Don’t let Hublot hear me say its just a white diver, because its […]

Breitling Superocean 42 White Water Written by: D Constant for The Watch Review Site In Breitlings’ Words “The great white sports watch” Well Breitling have just increased their Superocean range by adding this stunning All White 42mm Divers Watch to be known as the Breitling Superocean 42 White Water. When we say in White, we […]

Breitling Colt 33 – Closer look at Ladies Divers Watch. Written by D Constant for The Watch Review Site We have another Ladies Diver Watch, we are looking at to review, this time it’s the turn of the Breitling Colt 33, This watch was first introduced by Breitling about a year ago and this Colt […]

JeanRichard’s Aquascope Lady “Night” Gives a Feminine Twist to the Dive Watch   I know we have covered the JeanRichard Aquascope before here at The Watch Review Site, but we stumbled across this piece written by the lovely and very knowledgeable Meehna Goldsmith of www.watchmatchmaker.com (one of our contributors) and had to share it with you all, […]

Signalman DLC GMT PR Introducing the Schofield Signalman DLC GMT PR, limited edition timepiece from Schofield Watch Company. This is the second timepiece to come out of the Schofield Watch Company, The piece is to be limited edition to 100 pieces worldwide and is available on pre order. The only differentiating factor between the two […]

Meet the new English watch brand Mar 7, 2012             Giles Ellis is the founder of new English watch brand Schofield. It has taken several years of research, design and manufacture but fledgling English watch brand Schofield is finally ready to wow the watch connoisseurs. Kathryn Bishop meets its perfectionist […]