The Hublot Atelier Watch – NOT FOR SALE

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by D Constant on September 10, 2012

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Another Hublot move to the forefront of Customer relations.

By D Constant for The Watch Review Site

So Hublot have made a step further towards total customer satisfaction, They have produced a Watch solely for the Loan to Hublot customers whilst their own personal Hublot Timepiece is being repaired…. Not just any ordinary run of the mill watch but a watch that has Hublot at is heart, a watch that is based on all of Hublot’s Fusion principals, introducing the Hublot Atelier Watch…

A Hublot that you can’t buy??? … YES YOU CAN NOT BUY… but they will loan you the Hublot Atelier for as long as required whilst your Hublot is being repaired or serviced, now that’s service with a smile….. And it boldly and proudly states that on the Hublot Atelier “NOT FOR SALE”

Hublot Atelier watch Not for Sale

Its a simple, (if there is such a thing in a Hublot watch) Timpiece with date indication at 3 o’clock, small seconds ,no markings or numerals, just plain Black case, Black strap, Black Dial. But you cant help but see that even though it is not your typical Hublot timepiece it oozes Hublot, The case shape is that similar look and feel and we have steel screws again placed as with most current Hublots on the case of the Atelier watch.

Hublot state that it is mostly Swiss made and is run by a quartz movement so none of the Hublot panache here, but it is a gesture of some magnitude and one that puts Hublot above the rest in customer service within the luxury watch industry.

This service is only available to customers using Hublots’ own boutiques and is at the discretion of the management of each boutique.

Hublots CEO Ricardo Guadalupe says “The Hublot customer is an integral part of our Hublot family. While his personal watch is being taken care of, we will be very pleased to provide him with an “Atelier Watch”. With this, he will remain both physically and emotionally connected to Hublot until his personal timepiece will be returned in perfect condition. We are very proud to have been able to roll out this concept in all Hublot’s boutiques worldwide, 49 of them to date, and in record time so as to be up and running for the return from the holidays”

The watches are to be loaned out without charge to the customer for as long as is necessary so as to retain the customers connection with Hublot, It is just a token and many may not even want to use it but its there and that is all that is required.

My biggest problem with this watch is as I said will Hublot owners want to wear it, Its a Quartz mostly Swiss Made??? especially after they are used to a King Power or Big Bang on their Wrist. Now they are watches, but I still like it’s simplicity and styling and if they ever marketed them for sale as an automatic i’m sure they will sell and lots of them at that… BUT to a different market than their current we think?



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