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There’s nothing like a new watch on your wrist, the pleasure, the feel of contentment, the weight, the look, plain and simply it adds to your overall confidence and persona. That’s what a new watch should do for you…..

…or are you more something like this:

There’s nothing like a new watch it tells the time, great I won’t be late for dinner…..

…or there is one more, something like this:

There’s nothing like a new watch it’s a masterpiece of craftsmanship, its art, the Mona Lisa of watches, it was designed by the Da Vinci of watches and made by the best of the best Swiss craftsmen.  A timepiece like no other the pinnacle of my collection…..

Well whichever one you are here at Watch It….. The Watch Review Site we have something for you, from exclusive designer watch reviews, fashion watch reviews, prestigious watch reviews, Aviators, Sports, Diving Watches. Whatever your ‘cup of tea’ we will get you product information, photos, watch news and reviews.

Watch it….. The Watch Review Sites’ home here at aims to be the definitive industry resource, we will be featuring the latest watch news, watch reviews, product information, watch makers company details, timepiece photography and more from the world’s foremost watchmakers and designers.

To help us get to our aim we would like to call out to all watch enthusiast’s, aficionados, bloggers and fellow reviewers to provide us with any information, personal thoughts or reviews on individual timepieces for submission to our site.

We will of course ensure we accredit any review published on the site to you and if you have a website we will link the piece to that too. Anyone interested in supplying a review please email the team at or complete the Submit a Review form below and submit your review to the team.

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