TSOVET hitting new heights – Tsovet PX collection

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by Watch it Admin on December 1, 2012

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TSOVET hitting new heights – Tsovet PX collection

Press Release by Horology Design Limited

Talented designer Jacques Fournier blows Californian brand TSOVET into the atmosphere with the latest release of Tsovet PX collection.

With its head office based in USA California, Tsovet release new collections designed by the British studio Horology Design Limited driven by Swiss watch designer Jacques Fournier.

                             SVT-AX87                                                  SVT-GG42                                          SVT-PX87                              .

Under the supervision of David Bonaventura and for the last 3 years, Jacques has entirely re-looked at the brands timepieces with the new SVT-AX87, SVT-GG42 and more recent SVT-PX87 collection released this Autumn 2012.

Inspired by Industrial and aerospace design, it was somehow a perfect challenge for the Swiss designer who is always aiming to provide brands new groundbreaking timekeepers. When Jacques created the very first AX87 back in 2010, David’s immediately adhered the overall case look and particularly the incredible and exclusive idea of the ventilated crown guards which are now trademarked. It was the beginning of the long collaboration which was going to lead to many more creation.

The Tsovet timeless watches incorporate quartz and automatic movements imported from Switzerland. Any Tsovet would sit nicely on the wrist of those daring to explore their respective environments, whether it be the rugged hills of Cumbria or those late nights spent checking the time out on the town.

Once again thank you to Jacques and Horology Design Limited for this release and photos. you can buy Tsovet watches from most reputable high street jewellers and watch specialists we have also found an authorised dealer on ebay which we have dealt with in the past and they are really helpful and provide a great service here is the link if you want to buy one they retail from around £150.00 upwards to £450.00 dependant on model, size and movement – http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Localtime-Online/Tsovet-/_i.html?_fsub=1756507013&_sid=188691693&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322



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