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Written By: Meehna Goldsmith
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 On planet earth, we measure our lives against the clock of hours, minutes and seconds. The perpetual calendar allows for the counting of years. But in the universe’s time, a hundred years is just a drop in the sands of time, which Ikepod interprets with their Hour Glass. Yet, the universe knows no bounds in terms of time. The earth is billions of years old. So how does one account for and capture this infinite expanse in a timepiece?
The boys at Urwerk have come up with their own way of defining time with the UR-1001 Zeit Device. Nice rhyme there. According to Urwerk, it’s an uber complication that measures fleeting seconds of moments to an astronomical millennia. It marks seconds, minutes, hours, day/night, date, month, years, 100 years and all of the way to a monumental 1,000 years! Still quite infinitesimal in comparison to the universe but a colossal horological feat for this annual calendar.
The Zeit Device is laid out much like the other models in the Urwerk collection. It works from a constellation of indications, including orbiting satellites and a comet-like flying retrograde. Most of the parts were manufactured in house by Urwerk, as were the complications and indications on the watch. Composed of AlTiN treated steel with titanium elements, the UR-1001 comes in a limited edition of 8.

Here is a timepiece that you really pass on down the ages through the family tree. All you’ve got to do is make sure to “change the oil” indicated on the back of the watch. The 100 year indicator advances in 5-year increments much like a car.  When the hand reaches the 100-year mark, the small pointer at the bottom of the 1000-year indicator on the left takes a small step to towards a new millennium.


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